Parisian Salon meets Provençale Bistro: Aubaine Restaurant

Aubaine, the Parisian salon meets Provençale bistro, located in the Dubai Mall, has introduced an array of delectable new dishes to its lunch and dinner menu. Bursting with flavour, these culinary creations cater to the most discerning of taste buds, in which VELVET got to experience and more importantly, taste.

It is renowned for its handcrafted bread, exquisite patisserie, and smart casual setting. Also, every Aubaine is not a repeated formula, but a new interpretation of a belief- a belief in absolute quality, a smart location and a relaxed style.

The new menu includes all of their signature dishes, and classics, however, the highlights are the fresh Burrata entrée, as well as the Superfood salad. The choices of main courses were as appetising as the entrées, making it difficult to choose from, however we chose Provençale lamb duo, and Chicken Paillard. All ingredients are fresh and of top-quality, ensuring the salads, vegetables and all poultry, meat and fish used are the best.

The salads are a combination of fruit and salad- ensuring a collision of flavours and bursting with colours. The chicken Paillard was exceptional with taste and such a classic dish, yet always tempting, which is served with pistachio and pesto dressing, and rocket salad. However, the Provençale lamb-duo, complemented by sautéed niҫoise vegetables, is as authentically French as you can get.

Tasting their new menu was not only refreshing, but flavoursome, and with an authentic French atmosphere in the heart of Dubai Mall, it was the perfect opportunity to awaken the taste buds.

Aubaine, The Dubai Mall

Main Entrance of The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Hours: 10am – 12am

Website: www.aubaine.co.uk/locations/the-dubai-mall/