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Open Sesame: Ali Baba’s Cave of Wonders from Arabia

The Middle East has always been a lucrative part of the world for the fashion and luxury industry, however, the spotlight is currently shining on the creative bag designers in our region. Luxury, niche designers such as

The Middle East has always been a lucrative part of the world for the fashion and luxury industry, however, the spotlight is currently shining on the creative bag designers in our region.

Luxury, niche designers such as Belquis, L’Afshar, LALA Queen, Okhtein, and Rula Galayini are using our rich heritage, putting their own creative signature and spin on their arm-candy, that the western world have fallen head-over heels in love with. They are most certainly must have luxury accessories, that are style statements within themselves, that carry strong foundations of Middle Eastern treasures.

Rula Galayini

Rula Galayini

Rula Galayini’s accessories are inspired with a real-life edge, and a reflection of the woman who wears it: strong, edgy, and sensual; a power-bag and a contemporary statement piece. Her collections are designed for the everyday, yet tailored for the surprises that one never expects. With its playful metal work, buttery leathers, streamlined geometric designs and contrasting colours, her bags are as distinct and remarkable as the women who carry them. Rula’s beginnings stem from her native Lebanon, where she unearthed and redefined the country’s artisanal roots, using the signature oriental and arabesque latticework that adorns the surface of historical structures.


Reem Salman

Reem Salman, Founder and Designer of Belquis Bags, draws inspiration from the charm of the Arab Women, her love for all things beauty, her strength and valour, promising timeless glamour and unconventional designs. The ‘Arabian Nights’ collection features unique shapes, designs, hues, and prints with two new luxe additions to the Belquis range. Finish a stylish evening look with ‘Chiara’- a small cube-shaped clutch bag that comes in refined hues of metallic grey, bronze, and burgundy brushes with a soft touch of sheen. Or make a geometric style statement with ‘Alina’- a mini round box bag that appears in smoky shades of burgundy blue and bronze in lizard print.


Lilian Afshar

L’Afshar’s SS18 collection of clutches, are futuristic and minimalistic at its best.  The rendered boxes in acrylic, features gold plated hardware and a transparent appearance. Inspired by her travels and experiences, designer Lilian Afshar creates stunningly sophisticated box clutches with unexpected marble patterns, and captivating textures cleverly crafted in Dubai. The exceptionally covetable accessory is worn by the region’s leading style set, making an impact within the global fashion scene.


Sally Sarieddine

Contemporary Lebanese handbag label, LaLaQueen, launches its latest collection of luxury clutches, including two styles ‘Pulse’ and ‘Unchain my Heart’. The collection boasts eleven statement pieces, each designed thoughtfully with high-grade recycled wood, genuine cow leather and a golden metal chain. The clutches are designed with new refined metallic’s that offer an elegant finish with versatile shades of gunmetal, gilded gold, jet black and tanned leathers.  Designer Sally Sarieddine says she was inspired by the fundamentals “of what keeps life going”. Designed for the travellers, explorers and the boundary breakers, LaLaQueen is a contemporary, sustainable Middle Eastern handbag label that is timeless, versatile and full of surprises.


Aya and Mounaz Abdel Raouf

Egyptian sister duo, Aya and Mounaz Abdel Raouf, not only took the Middle-East by storm, but the celebrity world by storm too. A-List such as Beyoncé and Emma Watson are fans of their work. Okhtein’s SS18 collection, entitled ‘Soul Handles’ starts its historical journey at the door step of the modern world, Moez Street. At the peak of the Fatimid dynasty erecting every mosque, home and dome with the sensation of diversity, love and culture to keep an eternal story told. This collection is inspired by the intricate details of Moez Street door knobs. Ageless and beautiful, they remind us of a certain etiquette and cultural society where attention to detail was considered vital, to maintaining a longing heritage.

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