Naseem AlAndalos SS2019 collection of Moroccan and Khaleeji Kaftans

Home grown brand Naseem AlAndalos launched their latest collection of Moroccan and Khaleeji Kaftan inspired by the Arabic Andalusian architecture in historic palaces. The designers used luxury fabrics such as Italian organza and French chiffon.

Nabila AlAissaoui and Haya Al-Fadhel are the mother and daughter design duo behind Naseem AlAndalos. Nabila, who’s originally Moroccan, always had a passion for design. However, she only learned fashion design after moving to Bahrain, in where she wanted to wear the traditional Moroccan Kaftan. This inspired her to form a fusion of Moroccan and Khaleeji Kaftans at a time when Moroccan wear wasn’t popular within the Gulf region. Armed with a background in fashion and knowledge in garment construction, Nabila started small and introduced her innovative pieces to her friends and family who encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion. Whereas Haya, grew up in a very creative environment where pursuing what she felt passionate about was encouraged. Being the eldest daughter, she always assisted her mother in her artistic projects.

The brand’s official début collection was back in 2010, followed by the introduction of the Haute Couture line, which debuted in Abu Dhabi in 2012. By 2013 Naseem AlAndalos grew to be the top-leading brand specialized in Moroccan Couture, with Arab celebrities such as; Hind Boumchamar, Sabrin Burshaid, to Mayssa Maghrabi, Lojain Omran, and Balqees Fathi, favouring the brand’s unique and lavish designs, and have been seen dressed in their signature pieces on several occasions.
The brand gained its credibility and much deserved appreciation internationally, and in a relatively short amount of time Naseem AlAndalos proved to be a brand that can compete within the international fashion industry.
The duo come from different generations where Nabila prefers a more romantic, and classic approach to design, whilst Haya infuses her Architectural design background. This combination creates a unique look and adds to the brand’s aesthetic. Their understanding of luxurious fabrics and focus on creating feminine silhouettes is what makes them a design force to be reckoned with, and Naseem AlAndalos remains the first destination for any fashionable woman seeking sophistication, elegance and excellence.