Names by Noush: Kashan Jewellery Collection

Names by Noush, is a fine jewellery brand created by Persian designer Anousha Razavi. After finishing her master’s degree in luxury design, she worked as a jewellery designer for many years in Europe, USA and Canada for large luxury companies such as Mont Blanc, Tiffany & Co and most recently Tesla.

Last year she launched her own line, which has gained much international attention. Names by Noush is inspired by the Middle Eastern architecture, and her delicate rings and pendants feature diamonds against a vibrant backdrop. However, each collection offers personalisation with typography in English, Arabic, Persian or Farsi.

Anousha’s latest Kashan collection, is inspired by the heavenly ceiling within the Bazaar of Kashan. The bazaar is most famous for its architecture, especially at its Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section. This collection captures the patterns one sees looking up, at the heavens, in the central dome- which is similar to the stained glass used within the mosaics. The stones used within this collection tell a story of precision and detail- they were hand cut and hand set, finished with a sprinkle of diamonds.

The Kashan Jewellery Collection, by Names by Noush comes in 18k yellow gold, precious diamonds, tourmalines, swiss blue topaz, amethysts and London blue topaz.


Kashan Collection.

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