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Multiple Faces Of Special Effects Makeup By Watiey Abdullah

Written by Sarah White The social media makeup sensation; makeupbyasmawati - Watiey Abdullah came to the watchful eye of the world through her detailed and gruesome reality of domestic violence, and horrifying and belligerent bloody tales:

Written by Sarah White

The social media makeup sensation; makeupbyasmawati – Watiey Abdullah came to the watchful eye of the world through her detailed and gruesome reality of domestic violence, and horrifying and belligerent bloody tales: tales that are told out via her colourful and in-depth Instagram page- Faces By Watiey Abdullah.

Watiey, a Malaysian makeup artist, who is impressively skilled within special effects makeup (SFX) plays with her talent, in a more realistic fashion; touching upon unthinkable subjects that are dismissed within society- which is sad but true. From a young age, Watiey had adored makeup- whether it was playing with colours, or her mother’s cosmetics she was fascinated.

However, as a Mass Communication University Student, sadly makeup took a back-seat, however, that never stopped her from dreaming about it; knowing in the near future she would paint an impression within the industry, and brush up society with sensitive subjects.

Watiey Abdullah’s stylish makeup look

Watiey professes that this field is more art than cosmetic application; ‘For Example a singer uses their lyrics to deliver a message, whereas I use makeup as a medium to convey messages and in particular awareness. It gives me pure satisfaction every time I work on something- every piece is a masterpiece.’

Specializing in Special Effects makeup, Watiey transforms people into characters, creatures and even changes the normal to abnormal. Special Effects is a completely different perspective within the makeup field, it’s about details, focus, and patience. However, the reason she chose something so real and raw such as domestic violence, is simply because it sadly still happens; she wanted to address the subject as real as she could. Something so sensitive and so realistic definitely touched a nerve or two- like this look she created went viral within her home country Malaysia, as well as Thailand and Cambodia.

Real and Raw example of Domestic Violence

Peoples reaction was a strong mix of shock, anger, and frustration, she claims ‘It was such a relief to receive a good response on the subject- people showed concern, and were disgusted by the act; thus meaning people truly believed it was real’.

This was the compliment she’d hoped for, within such a serious area; she managed to create real, raw awareness through her passion of makeup, and special effects – in order to potentially help victims or highlight patterns of concern to their family and friends.

However, she also re-creates gruesome eye infections, or freak accidents and general bloody violence just because it’s something you don’t really see every day, obviously within films, but not close up with such consistent details.

Re-Creation of freak accident through Special Effects Makeup (SFX)

Re-Creation of Bloody Violence through Special Effects Makeup (SFX)

Nevertheless, apart from social stigma subjects, portrayed through Special Effects, Watiey is a fully-certified and completely experienced bridal and fashion makeup artist. With an immense portfolio of Brides, Engagements and flawless fashion makeup, Watiey really does know what is best for you, your skin and look, but above all; your individuality.

Watiey is a certified Makeup Artist for Bridal and Engagements

Asking her of the most popular trends Brides opt for, she says indefinitely smoky eyes. Public figures within the makeup cosmetic industry such as; Nikkie Tutorials and Huda Beauty are her biggest inspiration. Watiey also goes on to share some top valuable tips for us beauty junkie’ ladies; saying primer is a must, whether its day or night makeup! Also, know your event or occasion well enough- for example, day makeup should be light coverage of foundation applied with a stippling brush, whereas evening makeup should be full coverage foundation with a beauty blender’.

Informing us that the top, freshest makeup trend this season is ‘Cut crease application’ and that the trending cosmetic names such as Anastasia Beverly Hills’, Huda Beauty and Makeup Forever coming out on top-they really know makeup, and really know products through experience. Their ranges are for all skin tones, with a vast of colour combinations; their products are advanced in comparison to other beauty brands, that’s why they are market staples, and so popular for professionals and consumers.

Fashion inspired makeup by Watiey Abdullah

If you want seriously stylish inspiration, top tips or to be brought back to the sad reality of violence and freak accidents- Faces By Watiey Abdullah is the social media makeup sensation you should be following.

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