Mon Paris Couture This Is My Paris, Follow Me: YSL Beauté

Taking us on a crazy journey of love straight into 2018, YSL Beauté, introduces a new addition to the Mon Paris family- ‘Mon Paris Couture Eau de Parfum‘.

The feeling that everything is possible. Here, now, right in front of us. A vertiginous dive into this crazy journey of love, into this captivating city of lovers. No plan, no map, no boundaries. The freedom to create our own epic madness, our own sparkling rush. Just us and the city. Because in Paris, love is limitless.

Irresistible chypre floral citrus, this sparkling new Eau de Parfum is a celebration of ecstatic love, and is the third member of the Mon Paris legacy, joining the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum- but with a different twist. An Eau de Parfum that knows anything is possible; it takes you on a multi-faceted dive into the Paris beloved by lovers; and offers up a new couture chapter of l’Amour Fou, where anything goes, and love is indeed limitless.

The modern classic Mon Paris bottle once again presents itself: its softly rounded shoulders and multi-faceted glass filled with the precious pale juice, parma violet like a stormy sky. However, this time, the lavaliere tie is given a more bespoke, couture element.  The playful polka dots are rendered in silver on black satin, to give a dressed-up, yet free-spirited rendition of couture.

The heaviness of the glass bottle feels satisfyingly substantial in the palm of the hand; combined with the ethereal lightness of the coloured juice and the sleek fabric of the lavaliere, the overall result is a metaphor for the perfect love affair- sensual, bold, yet discreet and playful.

Mon Paris Couture This Is My Paris, Follow Me: YSL Beauté