A Hive For Makeup Creativity: Molly Bee

Proving that you can play dress-up at any age, Molly Bee’s Instagram page, Beautsoup, rekindles our inner creativity. With a desire for playful pastels and hair dye, we are reminded of the exciting, carefree side of makeup as an art. As her bio says, ‘twenty-six years and still playing dress up’, her signature pixie cut adds to her diverse appeal, when asking about her moniker, she was inspired by her eternal girl crush, Agyness Deyn.

Molly’s Instagram page is among the most informative and helpful, with each post, she gives hints and tips, along with detailed product breakdowns, making it simpler for you to shop the exact products she uses, with Lime Crime, Kat Von Dee, to MAC Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills and House of Lashes, some of her favourite bards to create her looks with. However, having said that, with such talent and flawless looks, and a mass of followers, she also has some of the most enviable cosmetic followers in the industry. It’s definitely the ultimate compliment to your passion.

As Molly’s personal aesthetic, she maintains an alternative style that is both artistic and soft. Her pale lavender pixie cut and dewy skin, combined with a sleek cat eye creates her signature look that seems almost fairy-inspired. She’s also an ace with contouring and highlighting. In addition to her previous successful blog, Molly’s page is a place for her to express her imagination and share an array of visionary looks. In one of her most inspiring creations, Molly fuses her passion for colour and fantasy themes. The entire result affirms Molly’s status as a young versatile artist and blogger, with endless flawless looks.

What or who inspired you?

Just about everything inspires me: art, architecture, fashion, food, and of course other makeup artists! There is inspiration everywhere; it’s just a matter of being open to it!

When people say makeup is art, literally you are creating art, tell us what inspires each masterpiece look you create?

I usually have a good idea of what colour scheme I wish to use, or what type of shapes I want to incorporate. Often, I just begin playing around with ideas without any plan and see what happens.

What’s your most favourite look you have created, and why?

I particularly enjoy my more theatrical looks as they are very fun to create. If I had to pick one look, in particular, it would probably be my rainbow lip look. It is so simple, but so effective.

Which cosmetic brands do you use, and why?

I use so many different brands, such as; Kat Von D Beauty, Illamasqua, to Melt Cosmetics, Limecrime, as well as Sugarpill, Anastasia Beverly Hills, to Hudabeauty and many more. I like the variation each brand offers, meaning I can customise looks with multiple brands and products.

Do you have a makeup artist that you’re inspired by? 

That’s a tough question, but I love the work of Alex Box. It’s so unusual and her creative looks are break boundaries. I also enjoy the work of Pat McGrath and the Kat Von D Artistry team: @iamleah, @juscallmetara, @sstrazzere and @kelseyannaf.

What are the three products in your make up kit that you can never, ever be without? 

I couldn’t be without concealer, a contour powder and a lip balm! And possibly an eyebrow gel? It’s difficult to pick just three items!

Can you give any valuable makeup tips for ladies? 

I would encourage anyone to wear the makeup that they want to wear and embrace their own style. A lot of makeup is about confidence, so wear the makeup that makes you feel your best self!

Discover Molly’s vibrant page, here.