Mini Signorina Collection: Salvatore Ferragamo

The Signorina fragrance, by Salvatore Ferragamo, reinvents herself, and shrinks into a new dimension: the Mini Signorina Collection.

A collection of 20ml mini sizes, they are embellished by the kaleidoscopic style of the Fashion Illustrator Jo Ratcliffe, who interpreted the playful mood of Signorina in a unique and creative way. A colorful journey, where there are no boundaries between the real and the imaginary world, a world where everything surprisingly recalls the magic of Signorina and is inspired by the joy.

The iconic and chic Signorina bottle, shrinks into an innovative joyful shape: a new cute 20ml format to exalt the playful mood of Signorina. A precious glass cube with the legendary Vara bow By Salvatore Ferragamo, comes in different colour combinations, one for each Signorina personality.

The legendary Salvatore Ferragamo, gros grain Vara bow, amusingly acquires a kaleidoscopic touch, to keep the playful mood of Signorina, without losing the iconic identity of the regular Signorina range.