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Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Milan Men’s Fashion Week was bursting at seams with the amount of creative energy and life designers had put into their shows. Naturally, we had to attend as many as we humanly could, however, we

Milan Men’s Fashion Week was bursting at seams with the amount of creative energy and life designers had put into their shows. Naturally, we had to attend as many as we humanly could, however, we wouldn’t want to overwhelm and, as a result, we have chosen the most inspiring shows here. Read on for our top picks from the MFW’15.


Giorgio Armani

A fusion between East and West is the guide line for this season’s Giorgio Armani. Elegant, soft, delicate, and always alive – the pieces speak for themselves. Short pants revealing feet, adorned by shoes with an open back, so the ankle is exposed. The style is large, because, as the designer says, “slim pants cannot fit anybody, but large pants do, and help either skinny legs or more robust ones.”

This is a style for a self-confident man in the whole fashion panorama, the one dressed by Armani, who can wear sporty jackets or a suit and still look impeccable.


The most touching moment, was when three models of different origins wore the same black jacket, delivering the message, “no matter where I come from, or the colour of my skin, I should be treated equally.”

We love how an amazing designer and style guru embraces multiethnic society, using fashion as a message of peace. Hail to the king!



Prada men’s collection resumed the history of the brand that was born as an expression of antithesis of fashion. The show opened with men with shorts (a distinctive item for Prada) and jackets adjusted to the torso of kind of mohair grey, and knee-length overcoats: work clothes, comfortable pants with back pockets with zippers; sweaters and t-shirts with prints; jacquards with toy cars and other infantile object prints – gave the collection that irony you’d normally expect from Prada.  The collection also focused on the subject of the difference between the virtual world and reality, the difference between the image that comes from the Internet and real life.



With this collection, Prada seems to say that it is time to return to a radicalism with the mantra of “if there’s no reflection, there can be no action.”




Dolce & Gabbana

Huge palm trees, exotic atmosphere represent the scene for Dolce & Gabbana’s latest men summer collection, which was inspired by the Palazzina Cinese, a beautiful Chinese palace in Palermo, Sicily where the two designers were born and where they take the very most of their inspirations. On the catwalk, we loved looking at the  wardrobe full of colourful prints and exotic embroidery.  The silk suits, ornate with oriental and floral patterns recalled the luxurious pyjama sets. Graphic stripes and polka dots broke away from the imaginary voyage just occasionally. Jumpers, bermuda shorts, jackets, trousers, tops- all the pieces in the collection were given that sophisticated but elite look, thanks to exotic birds, dragons and horses printed or embroidered onto them. Even the ecru linen pieces and the raw seam denim matched the exotic theme with relaxed yet innovative shapes. This fashion show combined Chinese and Sicilian elements enchantingly.


Philipp Plein

If we were to pick the show that made a huge statement during the fashion week it would have to be the Philipp Plein show. We are used to some sort of extravaganza when it comes to Plein’s shows, and this time, it felt like we were all in an action movie; fire, bikes, cars and stuntmen all played the key part of the setting.


Torn jeans and tank tops, jackets, backpacks and studded shoes, t-shirts worn over shorts and then hoodies and leather jackets on top. The man proposed by Philipp Plein is sporty, aggressive, punk, and we should have expected it since the title of the show simply said, “ #PleinPunk.” Sneakers with led lights, black and white shirts and pants with gold accessories and hip-hop blasting out of speakers- is there anything else this punk? Overall, this was definitely yet another triumph for the german pioneer of the “do-it-hard-or-go-home” shows.


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