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Mandarin Oriental, Milan- Dimensions of Luxury Design

The Mandarin Oriental, is located within the heart of Milan, at the point where the city’s fashion, cultural and financial centres meet. Conveniently situated a few steps away from the hotel are Milan’s most precious

The Mandarin Oriental, is located within the heart of Milan, at the point where the city’s fashion, cultural and financial centres meet. Conveniently situated a few steps away from the hotel are Milan’s most precious heritage sites, Teatro alla Scala, via Montenapoleone and Duomo. However, away from the fine hospitality lies the sense of the hotel brand’s visual richness within a Milanese environment, that results in a classic Milanese style, which was created by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, is a Milan based interior design company and architectural studio founded by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel. Along with a pristine portfolio of international projects including Qatar Airport premium lounge, to showrooms and a list of hotels, was commissioned to create the design for Mandarin Oriental, Milan. The hotel features dimensions of luxury design through strongly decorative materials and intense colours, the project centred on the renovation of four historic buildings on a typical Milanese street. The architects’ challenge was to combine these four, 18th century buildings with their differing characteristics and histories and reveal a distinctive view of ‘inner’ Milan. An irregular layout emerged, in which every room is different from the next, giving each its own individual character. The work of Italian design masters, ranging from Piero Portaluppi to Giò Ponti and Asnago e Vender, inspired the project, contributing to the strong Milanese ‘essence’ of the interiors. Making the design dimensions luxurious and classic, ultimately bringing character and history to the forefront of the luxury hotel in the heart of Milan.

Mandarin Oriental’s classic Milanese style

Public Areas

The entrance area’s grey stone floor links the hotel physically and aesthetically with the courtyard leading to via Andegari, and hints at its historic role as a cart entry. An inside-outside relationship is established between this transition space, with its connection to the outdoor courtyard, and Mandarin Bar & Bistrot. As the beating heart of the hotel, Mandarin Bar & Bistrot’s lively atmosphere filters out to other ground floor public areas, making the premises an attractive place for holding events. The bar bistro’s black and white marble mosaic covered floor and walls, combined with its large central bar counter and mix of furniture, is an eclectic touch to the overall hotel design.

Following traditional Milanese, residential design principles, the architects have used colour to indicate different room functions, giving the hotel a homely feel. Establishing colour themes was particularly popular in Milanese domestic interior design during the 1930’s and 40’s. Red, green and yellow pastel colours decorate the hotel entrance, while the bar has a clear black and white theme, and the restaurant’s green tones match the green marble jambs under the courtyard windows.

Mandarin Oriental, Milan, Fine Dining Courtyard

Guest-rooms and Suites

In contrast to the exuberance of the ground floor public areas, the atmosphere in the hotel’s guest rooms and suites upstairs reflects the other side of ‘classic’ Milanese style, calm and neutral. Tones of beige are delicately combined with black and white in the colour scheme to give these private spaces a quiet, understated feel, which is enhanced by superb acoustic damping. Upholstered head-boards and other furniture items in several shades of beige complement the purple velvet of armchairs, curtains and carpets. Each bed is embraced by its arched head-board to create an intimate feel, with the bed immersed, yet separate from the rest of the room, and sofa back-rests feature this same bended form. Each room has an oval table on wheels, which can be used as a moveable desk, room-service dining table or for another purpose, according to each guest’s individual needs.

A special edition of black and white photographs by photographer Antonio Salvador for Mandarin Oriental, Milan decorate the walls of rooms, suites and corridors of the hotel. Bathroom walls are covered entirely with Italian marble, with nuances and patterns varying according to room category. Some bathrooms boast distinctive features, such as a separate ‘wet rooms’, however, in all rooms, toilets and bathrooms are separate.

Mandarin Oriental, Milan, Suite, with balcony

Custom-Made Furniture

Every piece of furniture is custom-made and conforms to colour schemes and choice of materials used throughout the hotel. In guest rooms and suites, each furniture piece is made according to an original design. In public areas, many items are customised in terms of design dimensions, finishing and materials.

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