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If one would ask where’s heaven on earth, it’s at Baros Maldives. Indeed a paradise where the bluest skies are mirrored through the clearest green waters, and where the fresh island breeze would kiss the

If one would ask where’s heaven on earth, it’s at Baros Maldives. Indeed a paradise where the bluest skies are mirrored through the clearest green waters, and where the fresh island breeze would kiss the feet planted in smooth sandy shores.

We’ve heard a million stories about Maldives, and how enchanting the island is. And one fine weekend, my friends and I decided to pack our bags and visit what has been awarded the ‘Most Romantic Resort in the World’: Baros Maldives. One can be very poetic about the stay in Baros, and we could go on and on about how charming the place is.

Wait till the friendly and polite staff recalls with you the hundreds of wedding proposals that happened in the island. It has forty years of remarkable history that saw thousands of totally satisfied guests who found the perfect getaway at this small coral island in the Indian Ocean.

Four hours of direct plane ride took us from the UAE to the Maldives International Airport. The airport is a ferry away from the main city of Male, but there’s no need to visit another bustling metro when you can head straight to the island. Baros Maldives provides its guests a 24/7 speedboat availability to the resort, rain or shine, and greets them after 20 minutes of easy ride.

“ It’s a beautiful world, it’s a beautiful life, and I’m more in love with it”

Boasting a rich heritage, reflecting the essence of Maldives, the resort recalls its story of a successful Maldivian entrepreneur who established the resort in December 1973, and opened the third resort in Maldives. Quite a pioneer in the industry, Baros Maldives has been refurbished five times since it opened, in order to ensure maximum luxury for its guests.

Continuing on in setting the benchmark for a romantic, luxury holiday with genuine, heartfelt Maldivian hospitality, Baros has gained commendations over the years where in 2013 it was awarded again as the “World’s Most Romantic Resort” by the travel authority World Travel Awards. Certainly, it has a reliable reputation, consistently winning prestigious awards from guests and travel professionals for quality accommodation and outstanding service excellence.

Testing the truth behind the awards, we could pay witness to how Baros would treat its guests with utter warmth and respect for privacy. Upon setting afoot at the pier, and being received with a grand and friendly welcome by one of the most cheerful and friendly staff we’ve met, we truly felt home away from home.


Surrounded by green foliage and bird-of- paradise blossoms, the Baros Residence is an intimate place to stay, to share secrets, to relax. It has a private swimming pool amidst the blooms of a tropical garden. A day bed on the sun deck, In-Villa breakfasts, private spa massages, a linen canopied bed; tropical timbers and bas-relief; an extravagant bathroom. All these and a butler on call to assure warm and willing service whenever required in this unique romantic hideaway were more than what would you ask for.

On the other hand, we were told that the Maldivian architect, Mohamed Shafeeq (aka Sappé), whose portfolio includes some of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Philippines, was the one responsible for the creation of Baros Maldives as perfect combination of outside and inside life.

The villas have large windows for natural daylight and have access to the natural surroundings. They inspire romance, intimacy and cosiness. The Lighthouse Restaurant is a landmark, a new dimensional structure that can be seen from afar.

A short weekend getaway like what we did was not enough to discover the beauty of the island. Most of the guests would book their stay of minimum seven days. True to its efforts in serving the most excellent service, Baros Maldives offers culinary options to satisfy the most fastidious gourmet or to delight the confirmed traditionalist. Classic cuisine, often with an innovative, tropical twist, is the speciality of The Lighthouse, while grilled seafood, fine meats and Asian tapas are available at The Cayenne. All day dining is presented at Lime, where

But eating, drinking and island hopping are not the be all and end all at Baros Maldives. Swimmers and divers would have a great amount of time having fun under the sea in this resort. Baros has its own oval-shaped house reef, rich and alive with marine life. Being so close to the shore even non-divers can swim to it and spend hours effortlessly snorkelling. The reef has gentle slopes and is easy of access. Also close to the island in the North Male’ Atoll, there are 30 superlative dive sites that never fail to delight even the most experienced diver.

Divers Baros Maldives, led by an enthusiastic team with 30 years of experience and presence in the Maldives, offers year-round Scuba Diving excursions and PADI courses. The dive centre offers enriched air Nitrox diving with a 32% Oxygen blend, the latest in diving equipment for rent including digital underwater cameras, special torches and dive computers. Safe diving is one its main objectives.

The divers’ team works in close relationship with the resort’s Marine Centre. The resident Marine Biologist conducts awareness presentations for the resort’s guests as well as organising accompanied snorkeling and reef tours. For those who would like to watch the reef from above, without getting wet, there is the possibility of using the resort’s glass bottom boat. One of the Marine Centre’s objectives is to sustain the underwater environment around the island.

As for us, we spent a whole afternoon cruising the ocean in “Nooma”, an elegantly and locally crafted curved prow, a vast single sail, thatched palm leaves roof and sarong-clad crew of four. The 19-metre long vessel, Nooma, meaning blue flower, is modeled on the traditional Maldivian dhoni (sailing boat). Our sunset sailing was couple with “Black Coral Reef” snorkeling that allowed us to discover the wonders underneath the Indian Ocean.

Swimming, snorkeling, eating, sailing, touring and photo shooting were the things that we did at Baros. But more than the activities, more than the scenic charm of the place, more than the experiences that delighted us for a quick weekend escape, Baros Maldives will be forever remembered by because of the feeling it left to its guests. It’s an emotional experience more than anything else – and perhaps, that’s why it’s called the most romantic resort in the world. Because in the end, after the speedboat sailed back to Male’s shores, one would look back to Baros Maldives, and could not help but tell themselves it’s a beautiful world, it’s a beautiful life, and I’m more in love with it.

by Sherry Tenorio

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