Maldives: A Sliver of Eden

Nestled in the idyllic Maldives, Kanuhura is a place utterly removed from time.  A place untouched by the insufferable bustling of corporations, the stress of offices and the constant whirr of technology.

You are finally left to yourself, secluded. Every moment is a renaissance of the senses. Renewal: your iris picks up the infinite tones of the ocean, the tropical flora that never ceases to amaze you with its lushness.

You want a refuge, somewhere authentic, natural. An unfettered paradise. Not a place where you’d be stepping over people, where everything is a social media competition, where the flashes never stop.

You want to escape, but you also want to be taken care of. A place of refined sophistication, yet sensitively discreet.  Somewhere that will give you the solitude to just be.

A place you’ll truly discover. An island so perfectly preserved, you’ll find yourself among the palm trees, exploring every hidden cove, each secret beach. A place where your footsteps forge your own path.

Kanuhura is a 5 star + hotel, located on the Lhaviyani atoll in the north-east of the Maldives. It’s a pure stretch of untouched beauty: an oval island, 1.4 km long and 350 m wide.

A refuge, an escape, isolated in the unspoilt waters of the Indian Ocean: you can only get there by seaplane, a 40-minute trip from the International Airport of Male. You won’t have to worry about logistics: the minute you arrive in Male Airport, you’ll be escorted to Kanuhura’s private, air-conditioned Kanuhura Airport Lounge. There, you’ll be checked in and served fresh food and drinks before embarking on your next flight. Whether you arrive at sunrise or sunset, everything has been meticulously planned according to your schedule.

Lift off and you see little pearls of land, sprinkled on a dip-dye tapestry of blue.

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