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Maison Alexandrine x Nuno Velez: A Match Made in Heaven

Maison Alexandrine’s Creative Director Alexandra Fructuoso teams up with Portuguese designer Nuno Velez. <a href=""> Read More

Alexandra Fructuosa, Founder and Creative Director of Maison Alexandrine, wearing an evening gown from Nuno Velez collection for Maison Alexandrine

Maison Alexandrine’s Creative Director Alexandra Fructuoso brings Portuguese designer Nuno Velez to Brazil. Velez, who has previously shown his collections within Brazil, is now here to stay as he launches a collection under the Alexandrine brand. The collection, which includes a range of evening wear and tailored pieces, consists of 32 looks, which were presented to 200 people in the Maison Alexandrine headquarters, within the neighbourhood of Jardins, Sao Paulo.

Nuno Velez designed the collection with contemporary and independent women in mind, who feels secure and content with their femininity, like to dare with their imagination and minimise a verbose approach to all situations. This is noticed by the use of slits, in a subtle and modern way, in order to awake the imagination about who is wearing the piece. With fabrics coming from Europe, the Alexandrine by Nuno Velez collection will have the exclusivity and variance that Alexandrine clients look for.

Among evening wear, high end prêt-à-porter and tailor-made pieces, the collection provides versatility and is perfectly aligned with the creations of the other designers of the maison, including Rapha Mendonça, Dinho Batista, Rodrigo Rosner and Alexandrine Haute Couture. A piece’s flexibility is demonstrated when it is used for day-by-day casual activities, then merged into a more sophisticated look when matched with another chic piece. This was the goal when designing the collection, “The idea is to avoid one-look-only pieces. I wanted to create adaptable pieces for the discerning women of this world.” explains Nuno Velez, who bet on noble fabrics such as pure silk, mixes of cotton and silk and mixes of silk and viscose.


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