Lush Cosmetics Iniatitve, Lush Prize, Open For Nominations

Founded by Lush Cosmetics and run independently by the Ethical Consumer Research Association, now in its sixth year, the Lush Prize has so far provided over seven million dirhams in prize money to support strategic projects helping to end animal testing in toxicology research, across 27 countries. In line with UAE’s year of giving initiative, nominations for the Lush Prize is now open.

The Lush Prize Iniatitve

It ties in beautifully with UAE’s initiative for The Year of Giving. It offers a chance for any researchers and advocates working to promote change in the region a platform and substantial support to their cause.

The Lush Prize takes a unique approach to the issue of animal research in toxicology (chemical testing), recognising it is both unethical and fails to accurately predict the impact of chemicals on people. It supports projects across five areas of activity necessary to promote change – Science, Training, Young Researchers, Lobbying and Public Awareness – rewarding only initiatives that use no animals at all.

The Lush Prize Has so Far Provided Over Seven Million Dirhams in Prize Money to Support Strategic Projects Helping to end Animal Testing in Toxicology Research

If you know of anybody in the Middle East who will be suitable applicants to the Lush Prize, please urge them to register and nominate themselves via

Nominations for the Lush Prize are now open until Monday 24th July.