Love At First Match

If you caught yourself thinking that you completely donated your life to a social networks created by Zuckerberg, or when you started posting pictures on Instagram hashtagging every single word, then, you can count yourself wrong. Enter the apps such as Tinder, Luxy and others. If in the past, we wanted to meet someone new, the normal thing would be to go to an event, a concert, or hang out with friends of friends. Nowadays, one could stay at home watching their favourite show, take their smartphone and scroll through thousands of profiles, and add them to their “wish list” waiting to be matched.

Yes, apparently there is no more need to dress up, go to a salon, leave the half your week’s allowance in hope to meet a better half. Soulsearching can apparently be done rather successfully, as some may claim, online.

Here is how it works; download the app, register your name and email, or even your facebook profile, and the app will do the rest. Once you register, you start seeing a huge amount of people (depending on your settings which can be controlled at any time) that signed up. If you see someone interesting, you can then like their profile, hoping the other side does the same. In that case “Congrats, it’s a match” and both can text each other, and fate or code will do the rest. It is so simple, it is not intriguing. We completely lost the curiosity in other people and their characters; we don’t want to give our time of day to others, practically convinced that the human connection can be bought from the AppStore. While we do live in a world that is everchanging and  are slowly killing the beauty of the very simple fact as human connection

What happened to growing up with parents who told us stories about their first real match; or about the roses a woman would receive from an admirer? How can we easily let these apps erase the thrill of the heart beating like a drum when you see someone you really like?

Now, we should definitely recognise the importance of Facebook, Instagram and twitter, but can we really let them replace one of the most significant things in life, such as human contact? The thing is, whatever is achieved easily and fast will probably end same way. After all, the human connection cannot be downloaded.