Cosmopolitan Chic: Louis Vuitton

The Pre-Autumn collection from Louis Vuitton, celebrates the subtle alliance of chic and cool. The looks are dynamic, and fully present to the busy, fast-paced way we are now living. Pure, bold colours accompany a self-confident attitude in which gender notions mix happily.

When day meets evening, it’s paired with a futuristic parka, and a fluid dress, that takes on a new personality. Where a blouse with an aristocratic accent, turns newly romantic when put together with sneakers from another world, and Jeans with a rebellious air, are tamed by a jacquard sweater.

Extreme attention to materials highlights a natural, casual and winning mood. The luxury details, such as; eyelets shaped like a Monogram flowers, leather laser-perforated with Louis Vuitton micro-flowers, while the buckles and straps pay homage to high leatherworking, the signature of a celebrated House that honours in the present its illustrious trunk-making expertise.

As ever, it is a story in which the past, and a visionary imagination harmonize, to create a new style that is deeply Parisian and completely cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan Chic: Louis Vuitton