Loris Azzaro’s Summer Inspired Fragrance For Men: Solarissimo Marittimo

The Mediterranean, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Azzaro: he was born in Tunis, to a Sicilian father and an Italian mother, Loris Azzaro had a deeply rooted attachment to the Mediterranean, the omnipresence of light and the colour blue. He lived for and by the sun and drew his inspiration at the heart of this “life-size playground”. For him, solarity makes life more intense.

The “Azzaro Solarissimo” saga, a collection of three fragrances for men inspired by the sun, continues with the arrival of the second creation: Marettimo. Each of the three fragrances celebrates a Mediterranean island and evokes a key moment of the day. Following the inspiration of nature bathed in sunlight at dawn, this fragrance reveals the sensation of the sun at its zenith.

Azzaro Solarissimo newest fragrance-Marettimo

The second stopover of this idyllic journey, Marettimo captures the fusion of the cool sea breeze and the warm sun at its zenith. A cloudless skyline, the immensity of a shimmering sea, the gentle music of sea sprays: a promise of escapism and freedom forever renewed: so many idyllic postcards that have given rise to Marettimo.

Marettimo is an island in the Aegadians, a small archipelago west of Sicily, composed of three main islands: Levanzo, Marettimo and Favignana-these three heavenly lands are the inspiration behind the Azzaro Solarissimo collection.

Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo

Solarissimo Marittimo captures this magical alchemy between the zenithal sun, the sea sprays and the woody scents of the pine forests and garrigue. The magic operates in three steps around three key ingredients; lemon, calypsone and cedar: Its woody marine trail is the guarantee of natural, casual elegance that instantly steeps us in memories of summer.

It’s an Aquatic-Citrus-Woody creation which is signed by the perfumer Quentin Bisch.