Lodovica Comello

International actress and singer, Lodovica Comello has got our heart racing. She’s incredibly talented; from being a Disney superstar to becoming the judge on Italia’s Got Talent – it seems like nothing is going to stop this Italian beauty. We caught up with Lodovica in between her European Tour dates for a quick chat and a fun shoot. Read on to know more about the life of a young and gorgeous Italian superstar.

You are one of the main characters in Violetta Disney show. How did it all begin?
It all started about 4 years ago when I was studying in Milan in a musical academy, to perfect myself as a singer and musician. Disney’s talent scouts were looking for an Italian girl who could sing, dance and act . So they came to visit the academy where I was studying and they discovered me.

You both act and sing. What do you love more?
My greatest passion is, without a doubt, singing. I’ve been studying music since I was very little. I always try to keep myself busy with singing classes and before my show I always spend half an hour to warm up my voice.


You are currently on a European tour, is it your first time going solo?
It was my first live experience as a solo artist and it was very exciting! I used to have the TV show cast support, but this time it was up to me to be in the spotlight! At first, I felt a lot of pressure but then I started to enjoy the stage.

You’ve become popular very quickly, did you expect it to happen this fast?
No, I did not expect that much but in my heart I hoped it. Disney told us that the project was very important, they were expecting a lot from Violetta. I was expecting a good feedback, but what happened in actuality has exceeded all of my expectations.


What do you think about social media, and how does it influence your life?
Social media, whether we like it or not, is part of everyone’s life. For those who are in the business, it is an essential tool for immediate communication. I use it because I love to stay in touch with my fans, ask them questions and let them have fun by posting pictures or videos.

You are an idol for many young girls who follow you and try to emulate. Do you ever feel the responsibility for that?
I am a very simple girl, and I am always myself. I don’t feel I have to be careful about what I say, or having to give a different image than the one that I have. I live everything with great spontaneity and serenity and I think that is what my fans like, just the way I am, spontaneous.


What could you advise the young girls who want to get into the show business?
I want them to know that it is very difficult, but possible . The doors open to those who have the perseverance and the courage to never give up; don’t be scared of competition and always try to learn and improve.

Finally, what’s on Lodovica future schedule?
I’m back to work, musically speaking. I will soon be working on my third album! You will also see me as a host of a big show like Italia’s Got Talent.


Guest Star: Lodovica Comello

Photographer: Cosimo Buccolieri

Creative Director and Styling: Ameni Shafik

Photography Assistant: Savio Spinelli

Mua and Hair: Manuele Mameli @MKS-Milano using Bumble and Bumble