When it comes to lightening, it is the subtle element that makes a huge difference in any project, whether it is your home, your office, or a whole bigger business project such as a hotel, a restaurant, or a retail store. Hence the importance of chosing the right lightning partner.

The Linea Light Group is a unique group of entities specializing in various fields of the lighting industry that are independent but coordinated at the same time. A formula that allows to create complete and original solutions for any architectural context. From integrated systems for large residential or public buildings, to lighting solutions for outdoor or underwater environments. From domestic settings to commercial, industrial, institutional and collective spaces.

Founded in 1976, Linea Light Group was among the first European companies to specialize in LED technology, the ideal response to today’s requirements in term of energy efficiency, efficient lighting, colour fidelity and versatility in planning. The experience gained over the years has allowed the company to acquire a unique know-how combined with a 100% Italian quality, and electronic components entirely created in-house thanks to the R&D department with 85 dedicated professionals.

With 5 production plants, 15 branch offices worldwide and more than 550 employees, Linea Light Group today stands out for a mission that pays attention to the peculiarities and needs of local partners in a “Think Global, Act Local” perspective, ensuring global coverage and offering a personalized and timely service all over the world.

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