Linea Light Group illuminates the pearl of the Adriatic

The innovative swimming pool at Melia Hotel Petrovac

For its first hotel on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, Melia Hotels has chosen the lighting solutions proposed by the Treviso-based company, a project that enhances architectural details and offers guests luxury and relaxation at once.

Contemporary elegance, discreet charm and above all relaxation: all by the crystal-clear waters of a vast stretch of sea. This is the atmosphere that guests will find when they arrive in Montenegro, and specifically in the new Hotel Melia Budva Petrovac, the resort whose lighting has been designed by Linea Light Group. The company’s consolidated experience in LED technology was put in the service of architecture, to highlight every little detail.  

This carefully planned lighting project involves the entire facility. The solution chosen for the facades, Loop66, is a dust, rain and water-resistant wall light line that creates fascinating effects, gracing facades and exterior walls with perpendicular beams. The windows and the balconies are fitted with Arcada, a line specially designed for indirect lighting effects characterized by even intensity, no glare or dispersion, and thus extremely suitable for highlighting architectural volumes. Fylo Outdoor was used for the perimeter of the building’s roof, the outdoor pool and for the connecting balconies between the hotel’s towers. Its integrated profile is the perfect solution for strip lighting installation even in the absence of recessed spaces in the architectural design of the building.

Finally, the perimeter porches were fitted with Portik ceiling lights, while Gardener outdoor spotlights single out the shrubs and palms of the garden. Particular attention was also paid to the interiors, with lights designed to emphasize the different details of each area.

The Baton_P suspensions give the reception character: simple and refined at the same time, they combine efficient lighting of the worktop with a smart atmosphere. For the lounge area, Loro_RJ has been specially designed for false ceilings with little space, a problem solved with the curved rear heat sink that reduces the flush-mounting depth.

For general lighting in the restaurant, common areas and the corridors, Cell recessed lights disappear in the ceiling leaving only light, while for the meeting rooms, WarpandRada_R downlights combine efficiency and visual comfort. The buffet area is elegantly illuminated by a combination of Mongolfier suspensions with a black nickel finish: with their sinuous shapes, they give the space a particularly chic look.

Great care was also devoted to the lighting of the rooms, where relaxation reigns supreme.

Quantum_Y downlights were chosen for general lighting, while for indirect lighting strip fixtures were fitted in the corners above the beds. Bart_W wall spotlights with adjustable head are used both as a headboard and as a desk light, with particularly elegant and refined effects.

The innovative swimming pool at Melia Hotel Petrovac

Finally, for the wellness centre, the heart of the hotel, a mix of decorative and architectural lighting solutions was specially conceived in order to create a magic, luxurious environment. The barber’s and the gym feature Pool_C and Pool_S2Nights wall lights are used to illuminate the wall plates in the various rooms; in the corridors, the customized versions of the strips are fitted with amber-coloured lights for charming indirect lighting effects.

The indoor pool is lit with Fylo + in the IP version, in an impressive 80-metre long installation thanks to the integrated profile supplied with the product.