Forget everything you thought you knew about lipstick, Le Rouge Liquide is not what you think. By playing with design codes, textures and application techniques, Nicolas Degennes, Make-up and Colour Artistic Director at Givenchy, has reinvented the art of lipstick.

An exceptional beauty accessory and a real trompe l’oeil. It may look like a traditional lipstick, but Le Rouge Liquide has more than one surprise in store for you: a state-of-the-art hybrid texture, an applicator like you’ve never seen before and an unprecedented application technique. A new Couture creation, Le Rouge Liquide defines preconceptions by contradicting everything you might imagine when you first set eyes on it. For stunning make-up results which are definitely not a mirage.

Magical Lipstick

By all appearances, the illusion is perfect- it is only once opened that Le Rouge Liquide reveals its secrets. Instead of the traditional stick, it aunts a foam applicator and a resolutely different formula – packed with pigments and with a one-of-a-kind liquid texture.

Open, twist the pack to release just the right amount of formula, then apply like a lipstick. This new lipstick hides a pen-style mechanism in the luxury signature Givenchy case. It promises to dramatically change your lipstick experience.

Liquid Velvet

Le Rouge Liquide boasts not just a hybrid design but also a hybrid texture: creamy but with a semi-matte finish, due to the combination of several powders. It instantly melts on the lips, lightly dressing them with a powdery, long-lasting colour. In other words, it combines a lightweight liquid velvet red colour with the comfort of a lip balm.

The very finely ground pigments spread out and give Le Rouge Liquide its intense colour and exceptional coverage. In parallel, hyaluronic acid helps to maintain tissue hydration for six hours, while gatuline oil sculpts and perfectly smoothes the lips. Finally, microcrystalline waxes enhance the creaminess of the formula, without making it thick or heavy.

A Show Of Colour

Photographed by Ben Hassett, Spanish model Blanca Padilla, the new face of Givenchy Le MakeUp, captivates attention not only with her beauty, but also with the fiery crimson that dresses her lips: Rouge Mohair, the star of the Rouge Liquide colour palette.

The liquid and creamy hybrid texture of this extraordinary lipstick is not just suggested on Blanca’s lips, it becomes an abstract décor, like a contemporary painting. The arty showcase of a lipstick which redefines the expression of colour.

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