Laurier Precious Jewellery by Chaumet: Glorifying Love through nature

The new Laurier Precious Jewellery collection by Chaumet celebrates the symbolic plant that has been a continuous presence in French jeweller’s creations. A symbol of immortality beloved of Joséphine, and an allegory of  victory and power adopted by Napoléon, laurel also evokes a  tribute to Apollo and Daphne. Like its recent interpretations in the High Jewellery collection La Nature de Chaumet, Laurier twists and comes alive as an expression of wild, luxuriant and sophisticated nature. A ribbon is knotted around the foliage on the pair of earrings in a combination of nature and culture representative of the Maison.

Each piece exquisitely expresses the jewellery virtuosity of Chaumet: asymmetrical compositions, leaves sculpted in volume and in several different designs – some entirely covered, others openworked – the mises à jour on the reverse of the motifs have been executed in three different ways.

Chaumet’s Laurier collection is composed of six pieces. the supple necklace, resembling twigs animated by  the  breeze, possesses   a clasp concealed in the leaves, while the medallion pendant, delicately sculpted in relief, forms its suspension ring through the curving movement of a leaf.

Two rings cover the finger with their irregular foliage, one also extending to a second finger. Earrings hug the lobe, and the secret watch with its aventurine dial is adorned with a bezel and a cover minutely paved with diamonds.