Lamya Abedin

Lamya Abedin’s latest collection takes you on a fairytale ride with feminine yet edgy fashion, reminiscent of the Middle Ages with hoods, tunics, surcoats and capes.

Bedtime stories for her little ones have never failed to intrigue Lamya Abedin, founder and creative director of Queen of Spades. Her love for all things fantastic has now become a full-blown inspiration for her latest seasonal collection – The Enchanted Forest. Knights and kingdoms, love and nostalgia has weaved creativity into Lamya’s design imagination as she unveiled yet another array of 75 unique pieces for her signature brand.

Tunics and chemises, gowns and headgears of yesteryears have been redefined for today’s feminine fashionistas. Favourites of the bygone era – hoods, coats, capes, cloaks, surcoats, and kirtles have become the mainstay of The Enchanted Forest Collection. This is in fact the first time you will see Queen of Spades abayas in these fashion avatars. Perfect for the brave hearted, the new collection is dedicated to the women who were born to rule.

“Today’s woman to me is a visionary and a seeker, who cherishes her past as she rides into the future,” visualises Lamya. “This collection is dedicated to these women – the powerful leader, the confident feminist, and the charming princess who spreads her magic wherever she goes.”

Enchanted Forest-Sur coat-Suede & Leather mix AED5000

Lavish winter textures take centre stage as tweeds and suedes, fur and wool juxtapose with velvets, linen, organza, leather and cotton. Mesh works, embossed jacquards, tassles and lots of layering blow magic into her creations. “I’m always experimenting with fabrics and their consistency. Mixing and matching is my favourite creative pastime,” adds Lamya. As you feel the touch of rigid leather in combination with softer, fluffier materials like velvets and organzas, you will know exactly what she means.

Deep plums, plush crimsons, emeralds, mint and forest greens, ochres and sunset oranges are smeared over the new collection of abayas, displaying a winter palette that is cool, bold, vibrant and intense.

Patterns and shimmer, two Queen of Spades favourites, reappear in the latest collection in various forms. The sizzling winter abayas show off geometric shapes, stripes and florals in abundance. Jacquards, sequins, beads and brocade raise a toast to the glamourous diva. Lamya’s personal favourite is a layered ensemble with a shimmering, hooded mini cape, which she envisions as a beautiful evening-wear piece. “The cape covers the upper body revealing a gown underneath, perfect for the wedding season. Something Cinderella would wear,” she imagines.

Lamya attempts another showstopper of its kind with a solid coloured, all-red, cape abaya in velvet and fur for this collection. And all at once you will envisage Red Riding Hood, who has grown into a beautiful, fearless woman. Feminine yet edgy; the fantastic collection by Queen of Spades is dedicated to all such women. Collection is now available in stores at Galeries Lafayette and Valleydez Boutiques, ready to surprise and enthrall the fashion forward.