Kohantei Restaurant: Celebrate Seasonality

Kohantei, literally meaning ‘lakeside pavilion’, brings a traditional Japanese concept to the heart of Dubai’s vibrant Downtown. They embody the centuries old tradition of Omotenashi- the spirit of Japanese hospitality, and offer diners a multi-course menu, hand-crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Inviting you to step into the heart of traditional Japan, where an inimitable, culinary oasis awaits. From the handmade and storied Japanese artwork adorning the walls, to the authentic sliding shoji doors and tatami flooring, their serene restaurant has been lovingly curated to provide a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. This month, they are delighted to bring a touch of spring to its highly personalized, multi-course dining experience. In keeping with the Kohantei philosophy, dishes incorporate an array of seasonal ingredients; the result of elaborate preparation and delivered with exquisite presentation and attention to detail.

In Japan, the start of spring coincides with Cherry Blossom season, and is a time when nature organically finds itself into kitchens, heralding the warmer months ahead. At Kohantei, Executive Chef Hisao carefully selects the best, freshest produce and at this time of year the wild indigenous vegetables are often interwoven into the daily menu offering.

Taste, texture, appearance and colours are considered when arranging the dishes at Kohantei, all elegantly garnished in the Japanese aesthetic. This spring, allow the team at Kohantei to create an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation to enhance a series of unforgettable culinary moments. April highlights include:

 Sakura Mochi (Cherry Blossom Sweet Rice Cake)

The freshness of spring is captured with sweet sticky rice cake, bound with red bean paste and ‘Amaou’ Japanese strawberry, wrapped in a Cherry Blossom leaf.

 Tobiuo (Flying Fish)

This fish that flies 10m above the sea’s surface is low in fat and rich in protein. It is served freshly as Sushi and Sashimi.

Nanohana No Oshitahi (Boiled Field Mustard Leaf)

Field Mustard leaf replaces spinach for a seasonal update. The leaves are served in dashi soy sauce flavoured soup stock made from kelp and bonito flakes.

Wagyu Nigiri

Executive Chef Ueda showcases Premier Wagyu as sushi, using thinly sliced A5 graded Ozaki beef that is meltingly tender and rich in flavour.

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