Jewel of the Nile

Azza Fahmy has gained global aim for her exquisite jewellery creations. Adored by many, and worn even by popular personalities, Fahmy’s jewellery collections dazzle for their distinctive appeal – a mesmerising mix of traditional and contemporary designs, infused with elements from Egypt’s history and culture.

“To be regarded as one of the most prestigious global jewel brands coming from Egypt and adoringly worn by prominent women from various fields is indeed a matter of pride for us. But it’s a huge responsibility that we work towards sustaining and maintaining every second of the day,” she says.

What makes Fahmy’s brilliant work noteworthy it has put the spotlight on Egypt’s incredible tradition of handcrafted jewellery, reminding the world about the country’s rich cultural splendours, at a time when it certainly needs more encouraging news given what is happening in its socio-political scene.

More in Velvet’s Jul-Aug 2014 issue.