J’adore Absolu: a choreography for rich, sensual floral absolutes

Even more «petal-like» and fruitier, the new “J’adore Absolu” by Dior introduces original accords while retaining its beautiful, signature floral absolutes. A perfectly honeyed sensual rose, in the shape of both an absolute and an essential oil, converses with a new, oranger note.

Surprisingly, this note moves away from its light floral element, revealing its potent animal character. Used sparingly, this is what adds the «nectar» aspect to the composition.

Delicately enveloped, the flowers thus take on a new and gentle touch of liqueur. Another new addition sees a sliver of freshness appear in the composition. The merest touch of a potent magnolia absolute refreshes the ensemble with its beautiful, rather «stem-like» wet greenery. With an aquatic floral note to sustain it, this original absolute breathes freshness into this sensual floral ballet.

“J’adore” is the work of  François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. He sees it from an aesthete’s viewpoint, crafting the composition by working with its various floral facets. For this new “J’adore Absolu” he took up the challenge of creating a choreography for rich, sensual floral absolutes with a refreshing, luminous touch of lightness.

«J’adore Absolu is of course an ode to expressive floral absolutes that require precision handling. You can’t work on them all in the same way – you need to create nuance and dialogue. In this composition, I wanted the full intensity of Jasmine to shine through. It is animal, fruity and brimming with sunshine. When swathed in the honeyed notes of Oranger and Rose, it takes on more nectar-like, lush accents.» – François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.