Intriguing Trends Of The Arabic Tattoo

Arabic tattoos are not just popular amongst ourselves, they’re a big deal in USA and Europe.

Our magnificent Arabic scribe is that intriguing to them, they have created non-adhesive, 100% hypoallergenic free, temporary tattoo stickers since 2013 in America and are shipped worldwide. 

Innovative Ways to use Temporary Arabic Tattoos- shown as a Choker.
Multiple Temporary Arabic Tattoo’s- shown on Wrists, Hands and even as part of a Manicure
Long gone are the days when they were used on your arms, legs or even hands; they have went one-step further into the fashionable and Instagram aimed market, by producing them for ones hair and nails; with creative results.
Most of their offerings come in gold, silver or black- the colour staples. With their market place the younger generation, it’s begs to wonder how long this will last for; and become more apparent in the ladies market- within more social media, editorial and Makeup stories. However it’s worth noting it’s a win-win situation for festival fashion wardrobes!
Temporary Arabic Tattoo’s Can Be used As Part Of Your Manicure
Creativity Knows No Bounds Within The Temporary Tattoo
The Arabic tattoo may be one of the oldest traditions within history and culture, however their rendition of temporary tattoos is a young market- where creativity knows no bounds and always room for scope.