Maje introduces its Summer capsule collection, that gets you in the mood for some sun!

Imagine a beautiful day, with the sound of sun- drenched waves in the distance and a golden sun seeping in through the windows. You want nothing to come between you and the advancing heat. Your senses are in turmoil.

At the bottom of the bag you left on the patio, you find what you are looking for. The same coral-red dress you wore yesterday, directly against your skin; the lilac shirt that you’re going to wear again today; in a light cotton fabric, with floral prints and tiny hems. You enjoy wearing them as much as taking them off.

It’s going to be a thrilling summer!

Lightness, transparency, ethereality: they get wrinkled overnight and they are even more beautiful for it. It’s like they’ve always been yours. Everything goes blurry for a moment; it feels like déjà vu: Ibiza, summer of love. You come to your senses. You are going to be both immodest and beyond reproach.

Maje’s 19-piece ‘In The Mood For Sun’ capsule collection has a light and transparent feel with soft cotton fabrics in pastel colours. Floral prints that can be combined or worn separately, but always with complete freedom, next to your skin.