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White Palm Boutique

We stumbled across the recently launched Woman’s Online Fashion Boutique within the Middle East, entitled ‘White Palm Boutique’, that gives instant summer vibes we all dream of, and offers both well-known and unique worldwide brands to the Middle East. A definitive one stop-shop for woman’s clothing and swimwear with a luxury experience- swimwear names such as Sommer Swim, Frankie Swimwear, and fashion brands such as; Comino Couture and White Palm Boutique’s own branded clothing, are some of the seriously stylish picks we discovered from the homegrown company.

White Palm Boutique was founded by Jacklyn McCulloch, who moved to Dubai five years ago and noticed that brands available back home were just not as accessible in Dubai. She found herself planning outfits for events weeks in advance to allow for shipping time and was fed up paying so much for delivery charges. If an event came up last minute she couldn’t ever seem to find something to wear that would arrive on time. Her friends all had the same problem, so she decided to do something about it. She wanted to make good brands more accessible to woman in the UAE.

“I am really excited about bringing new brands on board to White Palm Boutique’s website and hope to continue growing and introducing more worldwide brands from well-known luxury to more unique, quirky brands, there will be something for everyone.” – Jacklyn McCulloch CEO of Company.

Jacklyn McCulloch, CEO of White Palm Boutique

Discover a treasure trove of stylish finds on White Palm Boutique, perfect for your summer wardrobe, here.