Hackett London: Classics Reinvented

Hackett London: Classics Reinvented

As we transition from the warm summer months into the crisp nature of autumn, Hackett London introduces their trend story; Classics Reinvented. A collection of essential items designed to be layered, and which confidently juxtapose texture, colour and warm fabrics in preparation as the days get shorter and colder.

Hackett London take familiar elements and reworks them to create a wardrobe of essentials that are easy to wear and are core outfit builders. Celebrating thirty-five years since Hackett London opened its first store in Parson’s Green, their design team took to Jeremy Hackett’s archive of favourites which evolved to become synonymous to the Hackett brand name.

As a result, Hackett London launches the Archive collection. Made up of polo’s, rugby shirts and sweaters all adorning the new Hackett Archive label, this capsule range of items pays homage to a primary colour palette of green, navy, red with jewel nuances of Bordeaux, mustard and ink evoking the richness of yesteryear. The Archive reference is further explored with the introduction of logoed knitwear including a selection of Archive Number crew neck jumpers and a new crew neck sweatshirt bearing the Hackett London Crest.

Fabrics are core to this delivery as they show playfulness- in layering, clashing and combining all the classic British essentials for an elegantly desirable outfit. Micro wale corduroys, tartan and shaved velvet’s are rich yet sporty, when combined with their new knit effect textures make for a relaxed, yet sartorial combination. Hackett London explore the idea of taking dressy elements and reworking them for the everyday.

Classics Reinvented creates the unexpected out of the expected and reaffirms Hackett London as a one stop destination for a wardrobe to rely on.