Give Your Eyes A New Look: Kenzo

Created by Kenzo’s artistic duo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the hypnotic eye now comes in a make-up palette, the Eye Palette. Offbeat, bold or playful looks, day or night makeup- at last, an all-eyes-on-you range of glittery shades!

Discover Kenzo World Eye Palette:

8 glittery shades.

8 intense and radiant shades.

8 shades with a velvety feel and satin finish.

Give Your Eyes A New Look: Kenzo


An overdose of pearly extracts for infinite possibilities, making for a rather daring colour palette:

Charcoal Gray (K-Mix & Match), Plum (K-Offbeat), Intense Copper (K-Stylish), White (K-Crazy), Gold (K-Playful) and Taupe (K-Smiling). Kenzo World Blue (K-Trendsetter) and Kenzo World Rose Gold (K-Unconventional).

The palette contains a dedicated brush with two identical tips, one to apply light shades, the other for darker shades- maximizing your eyes to the fullest and boldest; Kenzo style.