From Dusk Till Dawn: Manzil Downtown

Manzil Downtown Hotel has a plethora of exciting options to keep you busy this Ramadan! From dusk to dawn, the buzzing ambience of Downtown Dubai’s favourite boutique property will keep you entertained both outdoors to the beautiful streets of Downtown Dubai, to the interior of Manzil Downtown Hotel and its artistic style with Arabic touch.

Manzil Downtown Dubai features Boulevard Kitchen; an all-day dining restaurant that serves food from across the Middle East, freshly prepared in an open plan kitchen, in addition to authentic Emirati desserts introduced by an Emirati chef. The adjoining lounge with direct access to Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard offers an Arab-fusion beverage menu featuring regional teas and other specialties such as Moroccan tea. Guests can unwind at the terrace overlooking Burj Khalifa, as they enjoy a wide selection of beverages.

Manzil Downtown
Boulevard Kitchen At Manzil Downtown

Boulevard Kitchen will catch your attention with its unique display of their beverages- on a bed of carved ice, to keep the fresh variety of juice icy cold. The ambience and presentation of this restaurant seems so precisely in place- serene and relaxing. The appetizers were displayed in an appealing way; with a vast variety of authentic dishes- meaning there is something for everyone, one of Boulevard’s wonderful culinary attractions is their open-plan kitchen and its live cooking stations, such as- Shawerma and Sajj preparation, plus a large U-Shaped buffet area.

With the theme of Arabic always on the menu, all of the fifty main dishes on offer were mouth-watering and flavoursome. The dishes such as their tender juicy steaks and Shakriya with vegetable Biryani (yogurt-based Syrian dish cooked with beef) really fulfil traditional cooking, their Mezze mix was exceptional- the tastes were a true representation of Arabic cuisine, and yet appeal to all, they’re that delicious.

Delicious Mezze
Traditional Beef Tagine
Lahm Bajeen

The Iftar was an excellent experience- the restaurant manager Jamiel, along with his staff are helpful and accommodates all diners’ needs. Another wonderful addition, which heightens the ambience was a gentleman dressed in traditional Arabic uniform passing out Gahwa (coffee) to finish off a wonderful Iftar meal, the traditional way.

Boulevard Kitchen has everything good to offer; fine cuisine and an equally as fine ambience; making it a wonderful place to dine.

Live Cooking Stations At Boulevard Kitchen

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