Feeling Good is The New Looking Good

To be beautiful, you have to look after yourself. This vision of beauty has been a cornerstone of Lancôme’s values since its inception, and it is one that millennials have totally taken on board. For these women, beauty is not so much a question of your look, it is something that chiefly depends on your lifestyle. That is why they always expect more of their make-up products. Extremely active, energetic, strong and demanding, they need everyday beauty allies- must-haves, that combine top performance with easy application, while caring for their skin.

Because it is from a new generation of hybrid products that marries skincare with make-up, becoming a complexion perfector; ‘Skin Feels Good’ offers both a beautiful glow, and moisture-replenishment. Its formula enhances the complexion in two stages:

-Instantly, with a light-revealing sheer foundation that’s a genuine radiance booster.  

-Long term, thanks to its great combination of moisturising and antioxidant agents for a lovelier, healthier complexion day after day.

‘Skin Feels Good’ offers both a beautiful glow, and moisture-replenishment. 

It is absolutely fool proof and can be applied with the fingers, without a mirror, even on the go. So convenient and effective, you will soon find it is your go-to product – whether for everyday or occasional application, on its own or as a foundation base. Make-up reaches a new milestone with the skincare agents contained in this formula, making it an instant and totally guilt-free radiance booster that you can use as much as you like!

It is especially right for women who never have time to do their make-up but can’t do without a glowing complexion. And it is also perfect for creating that natural no make-up look that every woman wants to sport at some point in her life. An essential.

A Caring Formula

Skin Feels Good, is a product that loves skin and takes great care of it. The secret of its effectiveness lies in cutting-edge skincare agents, which act on the quality of skin by delivering exceptional moisture-replenishment, even after make-up removal. This is how it gives such a long-lasting, healthy glow:

-Vegetable glycerine + hyaluronic acid + natural moringa extract = A radiant complexion day after day, courtesy of Skin Feels Good.

-A hydration hero, vegetable glycerine acts like a “moisture magnet” and re-plumps the skin.

-Hyaluronic acid captures and retains moisturisation inside the skin to make it more beautiful, day after day.

-Natural moringa extract acts like a shield, protecting skin through its anti-oxidant properties and preserving its radiance.

-SPF 23 sunscreen filters help protect the skin from sun damage.

Also, because of its fresh and deliciously pleasant texture, Skin Feels Good gives a sense of well-being immediately on application! The result: it only takes five days of continuous use to get a radiant healthy glow, with skin 50% more moisturised and a fresher, more luminous complexion than ever.

Well-being devotees have found their new beauty ally, a swift complexion perfector that does just what it says on the box!

Taylor Hill and Lupita Nyong’o: A Natural Glow

Sporting a radiant complexion, natural make-up and a healthy glow, Lancôme’s brand ambassadress’s actress Lupita Nyong’o and top model Taylor Hill light up the lens of photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott, revealing the magic of Lancôme’s new complexion perfector, Skin Feels Good.

Lupita Nyong’o highlights Lancôme’s, healthy natural glow in ‘Skin Feels Good’.