Exclusive with Philipp Plein

by Terry Richardson

He’s been turning heads of the whos and the whats of the fashion industry, and frankly, we have been mesmerised by his creations season after season. Philipp Plein is a unique designer hailing all the way from Germany, whose edgy and fresh approach to clothing has been recently making headlines, while inspiring other designers at the same time. We had a chance to talk to this young genius during his opening of the latest Philipp Plein store at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. Read on for our one-on-one with the man behind one of the most-talked brands of the year.

Everyone looks forward to seeing your shows, because it is not just a new collection presentation, but a real spectacle with stunts, singers and special effects. Why is it so crucial to present your brand in this way?

It’s crucial because it is the essence of the brand. Everything we do has a fun and wow effect and the fashion show is the perfect occasion to broadcast our concept.

Main colour of your collections is black. Would you say “black is the new black” for SS16?

The SS16 collection is inspired by punk and hip-hop, black is a recurrent colour ´non-colour´ but also white, silver and a touch of red.

PHILIPP PLEIN menÔs AW1516 fashion show - Philipp Plein @BFANYC (5)

PP woman is strong, but at the same time feminine, is this the independent woman we have always dreamt of? 

I like independent and self-confident woman, it´s all a matter of attitude. You could wear the most beautiful dress in the world, but if you don´t feel confident you don´t glow in it.

Where do you draw inspiration for your collections from?

I take inspiration from many fronts: music, movies and travel. The women I meet during my constant travels around the world are also inspiring me, it´s inevitable.

Describe your style as a teenager and how that influenced your collections?

I always liked to experiment and to dare with fashion. Let´s say that back in the years as today I didn’t like to go unnoticed.

You always use a hashtag during fashion weeks. #PleinPunk is the trend of the last two seasons. How important is social media in fashion business?

Social networks, when used properly, are an incredible tool of communication. Everything is live and everybody is looking for the freshest news and image. Using them is natural to me as I grew up in the digital revolution. Each collection has a certain mood and an official hashtag is the strongest way to share it.

You are opening boutiques around the world. What’s in the pipeline?

I never stop and it´s exactly what my brand is doing! In one year I almost doubled the stores around the world. In November I will open a store in London, and by 2016 we have planned more than ten new openings in the most important cities around the globe, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Istanbul and Beirut among others.

Describe in three words the PP woman.

Ironic, self-confident and independent.