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Exclusive: Stash, Kolors Gone Crazy

Kolors is currently one of the most popular bands in Europe. When and how did you create this project? We created this project in late 2009 as a side project of two bands- from which I

Kolors is currently one of the most popular bands in Europe. When and how did you create this project?

We created this project in late 2009 as a side project of two bands- from which I came and Alex, we were practically doing demos together, and we had a band. Daniele, in turn had another band, and as a venture we used this spare time in the studio to have fun and do things that were not the usual music from the bands we played in. its then when I thought of using a moog emulator (which is a synthesizer) on my iPhone, using an application that em­ulated a little moog and we fused our sounds together to a beat- that’s how we got our sound. From that evening that was in the beginning of 2010 we used it as a test for this new project, which we seen as fun and we would never have expected to start a path based on that type of sound. In fact, it was in the same time the underground envi­ronment of Milano began to spin, and our band that had done a new thing- mixing James Brown’s world with that of Soulwax. From this we became a resident band, and after two days we made the band, The Kolors, with this came our unique sound identity.

You are considered an idol but yet you are really down to earth. How is it difficult to combine popularity with values you’ve grown up with?

It almost embarrasses me to be considered an idol by so many fans; I consider it a kind of person­ality trait. Because we are all human beings, and I am a human being too, I try to keep my feet on the ground within any situation. When I happen to see so many people amazed at this, I tend to ask myself what they expect. I think it’s because they are used to artists attitude, which use their fame, and are obnoxious and self-centred, so I think they are amazed when they see my humble attitude. However, the world of social media has really catapulted us into a reality that is a dual life of social and real life. So when fans see and touch with something that goes from social, to TV to radio, they almost consider it something extraterrestrial and when they realise that this person is actually a person, just like them they are astonished. I think that one should not consider an objective to be famous, but as something that just happens, yet doesn’t change you as a person, or how you should be viewed. Many times fame and success are misinterpreted, such as I can feel good about myself and feel successful, if I have achieved my goal. However, many people think fame is the purpose. The purpose is not fame. Fame is a step in the path that targets your success. That’s it!

Your latest song is called Crazy. What do you want to tell us with this song?

Our latest song is called Crazy, and it’s a song that goes a long way in our path, which is kind of inspired by Police, the band- they have inspired us so much, whereas the fashion, style and produc­tion of artist Bruno Mars, is also a key to Crazy. The song reminds us, and takes us back, to our earlier days- to our world when we were the resident band in Le Monke and Le Trotoir in Milan. In fact, the chorus and lyrics of Crazy is very much the original style of The Kolors, and for so many people who have been following us since the beginning of our success, will recognise this. This is definitely one thing that for a band is very positive, to have a fingerprint in the industry, to have recognition of originality. It is the goal of any band.

You occasionally perform DJ sets at some private events. Is that something you plan to continue in the future or it’s just fun for you?

I perform DJ sets just for fun; it’s another kind of adrenaline. I love to do it but it’s not in my plans to focus on it- as I still have many projects for the group, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store for you, and to start our German tour, too!


Stash (The Kolors)

Photographer: Cosimo Buccolieri

Creative Direction: Ameni Shafik

Look Maker: Federica Guglielmo

Stash Wears Hysideis

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