European Flair at LE66 Dubai

Whether daring chic is your style, or you prefer to astound with a classic European flair, there’s plenty to choose from this Autumn/Winter season. LE66 in City Walk, is the newest branch of the Parisian concept store outside of the French capital, which is featuring three distinctive designers next month- Toni Maticevski, IZAAK AZANEI and Alexandre Mattiussi AMI.

Toni Maticevski

Toni Maticevski’s renowned fashion brand, launched in 1999, which is exceptionally high quality, exquisitely crafted, and designed with artisanal attention to detail. Maticevski’s collection showcases a collision of romantic dreams with hints of gritty punk. A collage of contradictions emanates through Maticevski’s pieces, creating striking yet complementary pairings. Luxurious woven beadings reflect sheer white netting, while khaki cottons mirror elegant tonal floral brocades in this special collection. Pieces like the Morphology gown, Eclosion Pencil Skirt, Serenity Cape, and Delphian Cocktail Dress pair these contradictory elements seamlessly.


IZAAK AZANEI’s contemporary British label elevates closet staples to the realm of high-fashion. Founded in 2014 by a desire to establish a versatile, cosmopolitan offering, the brand’s unique designs create pieces that are classic yet relevant, while the collections are primarily designed using high-quality and ethically sourced fur, faux fur, cashmere, and merino wool. Only the finest pelts are awarded the prestigious Saga Furs label, and IZAAK AZANEI is proud to have this label on their garments. This year’s second collection, Collection Five, features several new styles and takes inspiration from the stylish by-gone era of 1950’s alpine glamour. Featuring classic cashmere blend knits, staple silhouettes and rich colour ways, each garment is effortless yet chic, and is adorned with beautiful fur accents.

Alexandre Mattiussi AMI

Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI, a stylish and comprehensive brand blurring the lines between casual and chic will add a Parisienne flair to this month’s featured designers. The new collection, AMI de Coeur, is inspired by the evening glow of the city’s streets, and an amalgamation of such varied influences. Such as electric energy, and the French spirit, with more than a hint of the 80’s, is distinguishable by a new oversized logo featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower topped by a heart. This eclectic mix of ideas has culminated in an array of choices with strong bold flourishes in denim and leather, and an exclusive collaboration between AMI and Eastpak which will see AMI’s French flair on the classic backpack design.

Toni Maticevski, IZAAK AZANEI’s and AMI are now available at LE66 Dubai.