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Esmod: Too Cool For School

Creativity has rung the bell again! On Wednesday May 24th, ESMOD Dubai hosted its annual Graduate Fashion Show in an unusual space, the football field at Arena Football Al Quoz. Twenty emerging designers, newly graduated after

Creativity has rung the bell again!
On Wednesday May 24th, ESMOD Dubai hosted its annual Graduate Fashion Show in an unusual space, the football field at Arena Football Al Quoz. Twenty emerging designers, newly graduated after three years of creative training during the Undergraduate Program, showcased on the catwalk their collections created and produced entirely independently. The show came to life with the participation of 80 professional models plus 30 make-up artists trained using Show Makeup products at Esmod Dubai.

Graduates Of Esmod Fashion Show, After Three Years Of Education

Graduates presented in the categories of Ready-to-Wear, Luxury Ready-to-Wear, Creator and New Couture, confirming their high level of craftsmanship, garment making technicity, individual style, unique inspirations and avant-garde flair.

Ahead of the fashion show on May 24th, students individually presented their collections in front of a jury of esteemed judges from the fashion industry including acclaimed Middle Eastern Designer Rami Al Ali; Mr Thomaz Domingues , from Dubai Design Fashion Council, CEO of Vancouver Fashion Week, Jamal Abdourahman; and Paul Marchand, from Esmod Paris. Students across each category were judged for major awards including categories such as: “Best of Luxury Ready-to-Wear Fashion Design”, “Luxury Ready-to-Wear Pattern Making” as well as the “Jury Award.”

Full List Designer Awards & Winners:
● Luxury Ready-to-Wear Fashion Design: Shemshat Ojakulieva
● Luxury Ready-to-Wear Pattern Making: Nazerke Doskozeva
● Créateur Fashion Design: Jasmine Haglund
● Créateur Pattern Making: Altinay Sabitova
● Jury Award: Corinna Erken
● The Golden Needle: Rasha Al Qutob

Esmod’s Graduates Fashion Collections

The CEO and Producer of Vancouver Fashion Week, Mr Jamal Abdourahman, also revealed his selection of three talented graduates to join Vancouver Fashion Week ss18, the honoured graduate winners being Jasmine Haglund, Wubedel Fekele and Shemshat Ojakulieva.
Tamara Hostal, Co-Founder of Esmod Dubai commented: “the 20 Graduates who presented have succeeded after three years of dedication, learning essential and advanced techniques and new ways of thinking whilst expressing themselves creatively with the support of Esmod instructors and one another. Creativity, technicality and innovation being at the forefront of our DNA, this year’s collections represented a vast array of womenswear, menswear, kidswear with themes such as japanese streetwear, punk, old school nintendo, swedish dala horse, kazakh fairy tale, as well emerging fashion trends such as african roots and tribal fusion. Fashion history wasn’t be forgotten with 1940’s elegance with a military twist, culture heritage mix will be highlighted with an emirati & ancient greek draping collection from our Emirates Skills 2017 winner.”

Abundance Of Creativity Throughout Each Show Was Apparent

“Throughout their time at Esmod Dubai, our graduates have found inspiration in history, art, architecture, nature and sociology. They have learned through their studies to discover beauty in imperfections, and have been inspired by rebels, the insane, the adventurous and the unconventional. We have watched these students thrive in their individuality and be elevated by one another’s successes. We have put all our fashion expertise to nurture a creative environment that is judgement free, embracing of “misfits” and the defiance of conformity, which we witnessed in the inspirations woven through the 2017 collections.

“With a breadth of nationalities represented across our graduate cohort, including German, Ethiopian, Kazakhstani, Saudi Arabian, French, Yemeni, South African, Turkmenistani, Swedish, Iraqi, Pakistani, Nigerian, Jordanian and Iranian, not only do we consider the annual Graduate Show a celebration of creativity and emerging talent, but also of cultural diversity. We very much enjoyed welcoming parents and friends of the school, VIPs, media, buyers and current and prospective students to be a part of this special moment for the new emerging designers in Dubai,” Ms Hostal said.

Student’s Portrayed Diversity and Avant-Garde Flair For Their Fashion Show

Under the expert tuition of some of the industry’s most highly qualified professionals, students of Esmod Dubai are trained to design and produce garments from A to Z in a fully supported learning environment of unique and patented programs licensed by the KHDA in Dubai.
Courses include the BA Fashion Design Undergraduate Program, Fashion Workshop short courses during Summer for Haute Couture Masterclasses via a draping and wedding dresses program, Footwear Design, Fashion Marketing, Luxury Brand Management, Fashion Buying and Professional Fashion Makeup Courses.



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