Dubai based luxury label ANDREEA VOICA: what women dream of

Andreea Voica finished her educational run with impressive results, including graduating from The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest with a BSc in Finance and Accounting as well a MSc in Communication in International Business. Such prestigious qualifications led Romanian born Andreea to the auditing department of prestigious firm, KPMG Romania, where after numerous years of hard work she decided to drop it all and do what she had always wanted to from the start, work in fashion and more specifically create her own luxury clothing and accessories brand.

However, what Andreea had in mind for her label, was beyond the regular ready-to-wear line with pieces that are mainly dictated by the trends of the season. When growing up, Andreea had a passion for furs and exotic leathers and fed her passion by constantly exploring her grandmothers closet and trying on what she could find. Further down the line at The Academy of Economics Bucharest, Andreea persistently made and saved money by selling costume jewelry to her fellow students and professors, which eventually funded a move to Kastoria, Greece, where she bought fur jackets with her from various factories and sold such within a few days. The idea of creating and running her own brand was now planted within her and it was only a matter of time.

Andreea has always purposefully steered away from the crowd and because of such, decided to make niche coats, exotic skin outerwear and crocodile bags, instead of an all rounded ready-to-wear womenswear brand following her motto: ‘The right coat and bag can make your outfit complete, forget what you wear underneath.’

Launched in Dubai in 2014, luxury fashion label ANDREEA VOICA draws inspiration from day to day, elegant and independent women and their needs. “The goal is to create something that women dream of”, says the designer. Travel, stories and the people Andreea meets are also confined into a vision for her products, from idea, to production, to final product.

Her fall/winter 2018 collection includes crocodile skin handbags, in many different shapes and sizes. The Claire, Lucy and Maria are the largest, followed by Mini Maria and Samantha, which are the perfect clutches for every independent and naturally stylish woman, whatever the occasion. To match exclusive evening wear, ANDREEA VOICA has also created small and large clutches with semiprecious stones acting as clasps.

Andreea believes in lavishness and more importantly exclusivity, which is the reason why she only makes one piece of each design. Curation of the products also takes place in what some may consider the design and fashion capital of the world, Italy. For the bags, crocodile skin is the only material used, however different skins from different crocodiles are carefully selected, to best suit each bag, including Niloticus crocodile skin, Alligator skin and Porosus skin, also known as the saltwater crocodile. To match each exotic material in the collection, the wide-ranging colour palette includes Burgundy, Charcoal, Ink Blue, Pink, Orange, Deep Red and the signature ANDREEA VOICA White is available with both the Lucy and Samantha clutches.

Aside from its selection of bags and clutches, Andreea has created a variety of lavish coats and jackets, made from the most premium materials, in different lengths and styles. Bomber style jackets, with widespread collars make for a statement this season, made from python skin and available in an extensive range of colours, including black, blue, red, tan and the natural colour of python skin itself. Voluptuous chinchilla coats spread across the collection in an array of colours, alongside short-length minks in sharp shades such as burgundy, black, brown and white.