DIVABROW: The Art of the No Tattoo Tattoo

With Patricia, the Art Director of DIVABROW’s confidence and conviction, she has brought a powerful point-of-view, and a new standard to the art of semi-permanent makeup by inventing the No Tattoo Tattoo, to enhance natural beauty.

She believes that semi-permanent makeup should be a subtle enhancement that no one else should be able to notice you have had done. Patricia flies all around the globe to service her elite clientele from celebrities, to royalty and key VIPs, conducting at-home services to provide her clients with convenience and comfort. Patricia has also been nicknamed the ‘Karl Lagerfeld of brows’ simply due to her edgy-yet chic style that she consistently rocks, and the respect she has gained for her expertise in the world of brows.

DIVABROW is an innovative concept of the new generation of semi-permanent make-up, they specialize in eyebrow restructuring using our exclusive micro pigmentation technique. Their HD Micropigmentation is their bespoke treatment and signature procedure, that allows Patricia, the Artistic Director, to design your perfect arches.


Speaking with the Diva herself, about her passion for perfect eyebrow’s, as well as her signature micropigmentation that she has mastered the art of, and how she aims on expanding her elite VIP service within the Arab world, not only makes an interesting read, but inspiring- due to her dedication to her craft.

From when you first started out, until now, how big of a difference is there within techniques, technology and talent? 

Since I began my journey with eyebrow microblading two years ago, I was consistently upgrading my services and enhancing my talents. Throughout these two years, I was keen to make sure I am always up-to-date with the latest techniques and machinery, which is why I have acquired more than 48 various certificates. Traditional microblading techniques were generally carried out using a machine and often resulted in a more ‘block’ like effect. However, today we have enhanced our methods of creating a more ‘natural look’ using blades that are operated manually, often referred as micropigmentation. Using the manual method gives us more freedom to create each brow perfectly, where the machine often times limits how thin the strokes can be.

Microblading and Micropigmentation is quite new to the industry, can you explain to us in more detail about the technique?

Microblading and Micropigmentation is a modern form of eyebrow tattooing, however it is semi permanent and focuses on a more natural look by creating thin, hair-like strokes. It is less painful than the traditional brow, and is done using a blade, which helps deposit the pigment under ones skin.

Offering semi-permanent makeup creates an illusion and builds confidence in women, do you see this within your clients?

Most definitely. When my clients walk in, you can tell from the start of the conversation that they are unhappy with their natural brows, which has absolutely had an affect on their confidence. Bold brows are a trend these days, which wasn’t the case a few years ago as thinner brows were more in fashion. Due to this, most women have over plucked their eyebrows, and are unable to grow them back and keep up with the recent ‘bold brow’ trend.

Micropigmentation requires touch-ups, what is the recommendation for this procedure? 

My recommendation for this procedure it to do it every 5-6 months, and to follow the original design that was created. This is extremely important, as I have had clients walk in with cases of over-worked brows by previously changing their brow shape, or the techniques used with other technicians.

Did you Know?

  • Micropigmentation/ semi-permanent makeup, doesn’t mean permanent, it’s recommended to refresh your eyebrows every 5-6 moths.
  • The consultation is as important as the procedure, don’t skip it!
  • The difference between eye brow tattooing and micropigmentation, is that micropigmentation is more natural looking due to creating thin, hair-like strokes.
  • It may be difficult to change your eyebrow shape with micropigmentation, if you have had previous tattooed eyebrows.

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