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Dior CAPTURE YOUTH: The Age-Delay Routine

Inspired by predictive medicine, Capture Youth by Dior is the first proactive mix & match customized program capable of delaying signs of aging.

Inspired by predictive medicine, Capture Youth by Dior is the first proactive mix & match regimen.  This state-of-the-art customized program is capable of boosting the skin’s youth capital and delaying signs of aging .

With Capture Youth, Dior targets the weakest skin through a rescue serum that acts in synergy with the Age-Delay Advanced Creme to repair on the surface and protect the skin’s youth capital deep within.

Everywhere in the world, there is an upsurge in the number of people with very dry skin, particularly linked to our increasingly more extreme climates. Sooner or later, all skin types are subject to aggressions (due to the cold, air conditioning, etc.) or seasonal stressors.

A pillar of the Capture Youth program, the Age-Delay Advanced Creme doubles the antioxidant power in 2 hours, to protect the skin’s youthful beauty for as long as possible. In addition, targeted active serums (plumping, mattifying, soothing, illuminating or lifting) meet the needs of every skin type.

By expanding on its logic of the hyper-personalization of cosmetic routines, the Capture Youth regimen has been strengthened with three new innovations.

Capture Youth Intense Rescue

For skin lacking lipids, a simple moisturizer or soothing treatment is no longer enough. It is essential to act on all fronts: repairing the skin’s surface, maintaining in-depth lipid production and stimulating the internal regeneration process. Argan Oil restores lipid content and offers an instant feeling of comfort. Fatty acids from Tamanu, an oilseed from Asia, strengthen the skin barrier by stimulating lipid production and soften the skin. The antioxidant Iris Florentina boosts the skin’s internal resistance process via glyoxalase stimulation and maintains its youth capital With its oil-serum transforming texture, Capture Youth Intense Rescue combines the power of a revitalizing serum with the nourishing power of an enveloping oil.


This solution unites the sensory feeling of a water that instantly fuses with the skin and the natural power of exfoliating Papaya enzymes combined with the antioxidant Iris Florentina. On the surface, dead skin cells are eliminated, and cell renewal is stimulated. In depth, glyoxalase production is revived, and the youth capital protected. Rehydrated and moisturized, the skin is more receptive to subsequently applied ingredients. It is fresh and bright.


This ultra-luscious and fresh gel-creme instantly boosts the eye contour. Crithmum, a natural active ingredient, offers a similar effect to that of retinol, helping densify and smooth the skin for the maximum diffusion of light in all its dimensions. The synergy of Albizia and Siegesbeckia, two botanical ingredients, helps reduce congestion in the eye area. Iris Florentina, an antioxidant, promotes the internal resistance process by stimulating glyoxalase.




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