Dima Jewellery Celebrates ‘Love for Egypt’ With Global Style Influencers

Dima Jewellery Celebrates ‘Love for Egypt’ With Global Style Influencers

Dima Jewellery has collaborated with global style influencers Nour Aboulela and Anika Bozic, within creating a campaign editorial that celebrates their eternal love for Egypt.

The fantasy-based story line revolves around iconic things to do under the Egyptian sun by the North Coast- Egypt’s quintessential summer destination. The campaign aims to revel Egypt’s beauty and magic with its rich cross-cultural traditions and subtle sentimental experiences, while shedding light on how jewellery- a powerful tool of universal culture and self-expression- fits in our everyday lives.

The campaign revolves around four main settings where two modern women indulge in a day of Egyptian tradition starting with the moment they wake up pool-side to sip on their Arabic Coffee, winding down with Egyptian fruit shisha and relaxing with a board game, to enjoying the ever-shinning Egyptian sun and sandy beach. The jewellery has been thoughtfully selected and styled to reflect the bold personas of Anika and Nour and the strong nature of Egyptian identity with international flare.

Ever since the design house’s launch in 2002, Dima Jewellery has always taken to heart portraying Egypt’s never-withering beauty on the global map whether through its jewellery inspirations or international collaborations.

“The main inspiration behind the shoot was Oriental fantasy presented in its full lavishness, and a sneak peek to life in modern dashing Egypt behind closed doors. Despite going through reforming times, Egypt is back stronger and more attractive than ever. As a foreigner, who integrated into the Egyptian society, I would like to send this message across, “You have to come to Egypt and feel the magic. The story resembles a continuation of my latest collaboration with Dima Jewellery where we created a capsule collection inspired by modern Cleopatra and I couldn’t think of anybody more perfect than Nour to partner with for its creation. Alluring and modest, exotic but modern, with an international background, but deeply in love with Egypt, all elements that we share altogether.”- States Anika Bozic Al-Sarraj.

Nour Aboulela states; “Anika and I have a lot in common, from our love for Egypt to our bold taste in jewellery. So, when Anika and Dima Jewellery approached me, I simply couldn’t resist. Dima creates a beautiful blend between east and west with her art pieces which I personally feel very connected to and has succeeded in merging the two worlds so perfectly together with a touch of modern in her designs.”.

The jewellery pieces featured in this editorial are currently available at Dima Jewellery’s Boutique Showroom in Cairo, Egypt. Dima Jewellery is also available worldwide at Harvey Nichols, as well as Kabiri in London, and Sauce, in Dubai.


Produced and Photographed by Ajour Consultancy

Edited by Luka Boskovic

Concept & Art-Direction by Anika Bozic