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Dice Kayek Couture Show Fall Winter 2015

The night, shivering in melancholic instants of Edvard Grieg’s Nocturne 54. Baudelaire’s night, signal of an inner celebration, delivering us from anguish.

A hedonistic, wild and decadent nocturne insinuates artistic madness that brings together Basquiat and Gainsbourg, Lichtenstein and Helmut Berger.

A rhapsody of Warholian freak chicks and Parisian classy chic of Le Palace, where Roland Barthes recognised “the old power of authentic architecture, which is conjointly to enhance the moving, dancing bodies, and to animate the spaces and the structures.”

Longing for the elegance of decadent balls from the past, aspiring to revive the natural grace, impeccable tailor-made dresses and effortless chic of yesteryear.

Dice Kayek dances back to bygone creative temples of stroboscopic nights, where chromatic explosions of iridescent dresses and majestically minimal tuxedos used to stand in for gloomy diurnal suits. 

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