Dahlia Spa: An Exquisite Place for Relaxation

Located on the beautiful Maryah Island, the Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi in itself is exceptional, with stunning views overlooking the water. Walking into the hotel’s sun-lit halls, I immediately started to feel more relaxed as I made my way to Dahlia Spa on the third floor.

The Spa

As soon as I walked into Dahlia Spa, I was met with wafts of pleasant fragrances and the smile of the lovely staff who quickly had me seated with the treatment menu in hand and began to explain the massage to me.

The Signature Dahlia massage combines a range of different massage techniques tailored to each customer depending on the areas they struggle with most. As soon as I filled out my interests, I was led inside for a spa tour. Calm, luxurious and radiant with light, the third-floor Dahlia Spa celebrates the water with abundant fountains, waterfront views, and easy access to the pool terrace.  The spa also comes fully equipped with relaxation areas with heated massage chairs, ice fountain, hammam, sauna, and a heated hydro pool that delivers the best water massage. Zen relaxation rooms with waterfront views provide a relaxing sanctuary before, after or between treatments.

The Treatment 
I was led into a cosy room with soft music playing, where I quickly changed and lay face down ready for the Signature Dahlia Massage. Within moments of the incredibly pleasant therapist starting the massage, I knew this was the best decision I’d made all day.

Aside from the fact that the massage hits every sore spot on the body due to the mix of different techniques used, one of the best things about this is the Sodashi Arabian Oud Oil used throughout. This ultra-hydrating oil, which is full of essential minerals and antioxidants, smells absolutely heavenly with an aroma that is known to calm and sooth the nervous system, allowing one to feel even more relaxed. The fragrance lingered on my skin for hours later, making my whole-body smell of the rich scent of oud.

To top things off, I was treated to the Arabian Oud & Gold Journey scalp and foot treatment during the massage. First, my hair and scalped were engulfed in a moisture rich mud, which was massaged in for a few minutes- one of my most favourite parts of the massage. Then, the therapist applied warm compresses to my feet, filled with oud essential oils, which help release pressure and tension. Drifting in and out of sleep, I found myself hoping that the massage would last for a long, long time. After 90 minutes of bless, the therapist rang a soft bell three times, announcing the end of the session. Upon finishing the massage, I was led into the private shower, which every room is equipped with.

The changing room was ready with hair styling tools and products, so I was able to walk out with my fresh, silly, shiny hair to show off the results of my treatment afterwards.

All in all, as an Abu Dhabi resident, I couldn’t have been more delighted to discover this haven, especially so close to Ramadan, as it sets the perfect mood for meditation and relaxation.
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