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Creative Hair Guru: Sean Nolan

Written by Sarah White For anyone who is an avid follower of the celebrity hair cult, or even flashy magazine editorials will know Mr. Sean Nolan. Sean is one of the best if not the best

Written by Sarah White

For anyone who is an avid follower of the celebrity hair cult, or even flashy magazine editorials will know Mr. Sean Nolan. Sean is one of the best if not the best when it comes to technicalities and fresh vision.

Sean Nolan, Top Educator and Hair Guru

For a guy who started out as a dedicated follower of fashion, immersed into the busy fashion industry in London- complete with sassy editorials, models and more designers you can dream of. He decided there is more to his life, and his future isn’t fully in fashion either, Sean took a different direction, the direction into the world of hair.

Sean Nolan is a fully-fledged, award-winning, hair educator and top stylist with the most epic of portfolios, from top magazines to the coolest of celebrities! He is the colour director and technical educator at Hob Salons, Hob Salons is a 26 salon group, which offers the very best within British hairdressing.

Getting the time to speak to the hair maestro is no mean feat. The guy who says he is busy is an understatement. We discussed his childhood influences, the incredible list of celebrities he has worked with and met, and most importantly; what’s next for Sean Nolan.

What made you leave the fashion world behind?

Technically I haven’t; I’m still a part of the tree, just a very different branch. I loved my time in fashion, and I made great contacts and great friends whilst studying and working in fashion. Many of my best contacts are friends from St.Martins and the London College of Fashion even now. It just wasn’t where my heart was fully.

Image and style are key parts of hair art, and fashion, do you think this gives you an edge over competitors?

Definitely! Without sounding completely ego, I really think that fashion and style gave me a massive head start within hairdressing: I’ve always loved fashion and just aesthetics in general. My mum was amazing when I was young, she had the most epic wardrobe and a no-nonsense attitude and it really made me who I am today. However, I also think having a wide social demographic of cultures and backgrounds around me helped.

Sean’s Fresh, Fabulous and Fashionable Hairstyling

Why teaching, and not just a hairstylist, what made you pursue this choice

I was always very academic and loved to study and learn. So I think that made me love to share my learning and show and help others. I think it’s good to share what you know and never stop growing yourself and others around you.

There is a vast difference between teaching and creating, however, you do both. Which do you prefer and why?

I actually enjoy all parts of my job: I teach, run a busy salon, I also do session styling. I think variety is what keeps any job interesting

Sean’s Ability to Teach and Create, makes him the Distinctive Talent he is.

Tell me about the music talents you have worked with, and what’s the best memory?

There are so many great memories. Spending some time in Los Angeles with The Saturdays was great! I got to be driven around wherever and whenever with one of my best friends. However, seeing Jess Glynne reach the success she has is a very proud moment. Also meeting iconic ladies such as; Grace Jones and Beyoncé were massive moments for me and Chaka Khan- I was Speechless!

The fashion editorials you have worked on- more than several, what was the best theme and look you have executed and why?

Sometimes less is more, so weirdly it was my first ever personal hair collection. It was minimal and salon friendly but the images were beautiful and timeless. However, recently I really enjoyed a shoot I did with Vanessa White (of The Saturdays) for Hunger TV. Where we used a wig for the first time- she’s such a good friend, it’s lovely to see friends growing and achieving.

Sean’s Creative Styling Within Editorials

Tell us about your awards and accolades you have received, and if any, which do you consider the most treasured?

Definitely winning the Best Colourist in the UK, then number 2 in the world! That was a massive wow, it was a huge achievement and the biggest compliment I could have received- the recognition was immense. I’m actually through to the second round of that same competition right now, so fingers crossed I’m number one in the Globe this time around.

What do you have planned for the future in terms of teaching and creating?

To be honest, I’m just trying to get my name out there; on my own steam, and doing more music sessions and editorials. I would love to move abroad to start a brand of my own, but right now I’m happy in Camden teaching, and pushing our youngsters forward, as the next generation of hair magicians.

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