Christian Louboutin’s Black Tie SS 2019: Let’s party!

Christian Louboutin’s Black Tie collection is an open invitation to celebrate! A collection that diverts the codes of formal parties: Iconic signature styles are turned around, reinvented, forever compelling. The most daring embellishments are on display with strass, embroideries and fine lace. Women’s  shoes are adorned with unusual features. Demonstrating his singular humour, Christian reveals new styles with bows and ties diverted from men’s wardrobe. Covered in luminous strass and gleaming Louboutin signature, the Marie fane Bucket is the ultimate party accessory.


This season, men are gifted with fancy loafers. Luxurious statement, the extravagant Laperouse style stands out with unquestionable chic. On top of pitch-black velvet, the initials C.L are embroidered in a brightly lit arrangement of golden strass and coloured gems. With the Ascot boy, men can now also walk the parties like they were awarded eye-popping decorations. Get prepared for some spectacular entrances!