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Chaumet Est Une Fête – High Jewellery Collection 2017

With 'Chaumet Est une fête'collection, the Maison pays tribute to the Parisian taste for an alchemy that conjures enchanted occasions; sparkling guests, an exceptional location, a stirring tempo and the elegance of the jewellery. The

With ‘Chaumet Est une fête’collection, the Maison pays tribute to the Parisian taste for an alchemy that conjures enchanted occasions; sparkling guests, an exceptional location, a stirring tempo and the elegance of the jewellery. The new High Jewellery collection evokes these instants of rhyme and radiance, that inspire emotion and beauty.

In honour of the mythical Glyndebourne, Pastorale Anglaise offers a breath of fresh air and British nonchalance with jewels of the utmost refinement, in a bucolic setting. Aria Passionata calls upon the repertoire of the great Italian operas of Milan’s La Scala, to inflame the passions of queens of the night with incandescent red. The Metropolitan Opera of New York, imbued with the sleek elegance of the Upper West Side, and the great musical moments exalts with Rhapsodie Transatlantique’s palette of soft colours. At the Vienna Opera, Valses d’hiver, is an ode to the lightness of Strauss’ waltzes, embodied by the purest whirl of grace and wonder.

Bearing witness to remarkable jewellery savoir-faire, Chaumet Est une fête, pays homage to the magic of these fleeting yet intense moments, and the eternal spell of their music.


One of London society’s emblematic “places to be”, Glyndebourne is elegant, and one of Britain’s favourite festivals. When English aristocratic extravagance meets extreme bucolic refinement.

A reinterpretation of the Scottish tartan motif, the Pastorale Anglaise, jewellery set takes inspiration from the Glyndebourne festival, with a fanciful twist. Lush green fields studded with wildflowers that dance in a fresh new wind transform into intense emerald gardens, punctuated with burst of sapphires, yellow sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Adorning a large brooch, transformable necklace, earrings, ring and a jewellery watch, the stunningly realistic bowknot, set with stones on both sides, is a celebration of British eccentricity and the pleasures of the day.


The reds and gold’s of Milan’s La Scala glitter under the ardent lights of emotion. It is here that the great arias of Italian opera shine at their most radiant. Backstage, the shadows of maestros, directors and divas – such as the incomparable Maria Callas, emblematic icon of La Scala, the prima donna with the golden voice.

Passion as adornment; this could be the motto of the Aria Passionata ensemble which pays tribute to the fire of the Scala de Milan, expressing the emotions and ardour of the greatest opera arias. Garnets, rubies and tourmalines sparkle with scarlet hues to illuminate the beauty of women. The sumptuous transformable necklace that adorns the back, the brooch, two pairs of earrings, one of them transformable, three rings, a bracelet and three tourbillon watches evoke the red velvet drapes of the mythical theatre.


A hint of originality, a European outlook, it’s the ultimate sophistication and constant modernity, characterised by the spirit of New York’s Metropolitan Opera, the Upper West Side’s venerable institution. The “Met” expands the world of music, to the delight of those who seek a communal experience of joy. Rhapsodie Transantlantique capture’s New York sophistication with a unique and unconventional composition. A symphony of changing colours combines diamonds, Umba garnets, pink tourmalines, sapphires, violet, yellow-green sapphires, morganites, tanzanites, imperial topazes, champagne and cognac diamonds to create an effect as arresting as the final bouquet of celebration fireworks. The parure includes a necklace mounted on the lightest of filscouteau settings, three rings, a set of three brooches and three pairs of earrings.


In the deep of winter, the facades of the Austrian capital reflect the immaculate white light, like sparkling mirrors. Turning on a multi-faceted axis, Vienna reveals its versatility and spins gracefully from waltzes to tonal music.

The whirl of pearls and diamonds of the Valses d’hiver creations, evokes the movement of flounces and laces, twirling to the rhythm of vivacious dance steps.  A triumph of delicacy and curves; a tiara, a transformable necklace, a brooch, a bracelet, four rings and four pairs of earrings caress the skin like shimmering veils, their iridescence exalted by the millegrain setting technique. A soft and radiant parure that captures the enchantment of youth.


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