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Written by Khalid Abushaban

With the spotlight on the fashionable CENTRESTAGE, and its diverse designers, we discovered the amazing Yeung Chin. A creative known for his avant-garde designs that tell stories of sharp structures and poetry of contemporary. We, at VELVET Magazine had a one-on-one with the young visionary to discuss where it all began, and why freedom is at the heart of his collections.

What can you tell us about your brand?

My brand is for everyday wear, street wear, ready to wear and everything that makes the person feel comfortable in their own skin.

In your fashion show, you made a great impact on the crowd by having a woman walk to the end of the catwalk, limping on one foot, while some of the crowd was singing the “Les Misérable” theme song. What was your vision behind that?

As you know the movie, is about political injustice, it was a political statement for freedom. The reason I chose the lady who is limping on one foot is because of the imbalance and I got all my fans to sing the song because I was not free to have it during the fashion show, so I used my creativity and my fans to support me. The Chinese government claims for freedom but is unbalanced, the performance was tainted as a piece of the bigger picture.

What was your Inspiration for this collection?

I left to a small village in china called “Moie”, there I stayed for a week without communication from the outside world and during my visitation I got inspired by that village’s heritage, how they make their fabrics, how they wear their traditional clothing, the natural resources and how they live their lives in a simple way.

How did it all start for you? Did you always want to be a Fashion Designer?

I never thought I will be a fashion designer, after failing my secondary school I didn’t have good grades to go to university. I just followed my friend’s advice to study fashion design and get a certificate training course, it was just to make some money to survive. I immediately fell in love with this craft but had to spread my wings and fly to Hong Kong university to study actual design.  I met some good masters to teach me how to do this craft, I followed famous fashion designers, and always observed what they were doing. In 2003, I did a competition for upcoming fashion designers and won the award, then my confidence in my skills grew. In 2009, I had a chance to study abroad, I applied to a master’s course in west minister, and got a scholarship in London.

I came back to Hon Kong, I worked four more years and finally in 2013 started my own brand, I have a whole sale and retail shops in Hong Kong design center, I have also gone to Paris Fashion Week.

You can discover more of Yeung Chin via here.