Celebrate the Moment with Mouawad Jewellery

In a moment, anything can happen. A young woman becomes a princess, and her dream becomes a reality. In a moment, the union of love is celebrated like a royal ceremony, and a single moment turns into a lifetime of shared happiness.

Knowing just how valuable these moments are, Mouawad has introduced a spectacular collection of Masterpieces and High Jewellery, to celebrate your big day the Mouawad way- with unsurpassed elegance, exuberant charm and femininity.

Unveiling over a century of jewellery excellence and diamond mastery, the new collections combine pure petals, hearts, and dewdrops, with ‘invincible’ diamonds and timeless gemstones in a stunning array of designs, ranging from delicately simple sets of haute joaillerie, to magnificent masterpieces studded with some of the world’s finest and rarest gemstones.

Offering a deeper meaning behind their shimmering reflections, Mouawad’s new Masterpieces and High Jewellery ensembles brilliantly embody the harmony of a wedded union. In the most elegant host of choices, Mouawad Jewellery gives every bride the luxury of choosing the perfect complement to her beauty and creating memories to last a lifetime, and more.

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