Drip With Gold

Calvin Klein

This season Calvin Klein released a tribute to the youth who can do no wrong. Everything they touch turns to gold, or more appropriately, ck one gold. Unconstrained by traditional gender norms, ck one gold fuses the energy of both sexes in one unisex fragrance. We have caught up with the fragrance designers, perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Bruno Jovanovic to get more scoop on what it takes to produce a great unisex fragrance.

What were the sources of inspiration to create this fragrance?

We actually responded to the ck version of exaggeration and ostentation! ck one has a certain sobriety and restraint which is manifested in the packaging but ck one gold is opulent in a brilliant & edgy way. It’s somewhat unexpected for ck to have a gold interpretation and we found this disruption very interesting. We also like the tension between feeling part of a tribe – belonging and collaborating – and wanting to stand out, explode into life like a rock star of creativity. The desires to belong and stand apart cannot always coexist peacefully so this is an exciting duality.

According to you, does this fragrance have similarities with the existing Calvin Klein and ck fragrances?

Yes, it embodies the same gender free or fluid approach of the ck world. The construction of the fragrance is complex in design yet simple to understand, so the consumer will connect readily and deeply.

Calvin Klein

How would you describe this fragrance in your own words?

A scintillating harmony of gender free notes. A refreshing boldness for creative achievers and risk takers.

Which family does it belong to?

Urban woody fresh

If you had to choose three key words to describe the fragrance, what would they be?

Bold. Audacious. Fresh

Calvin Klein

Could you explain what each ingredient brings to the fragrance (focus on the three key ingredients)?

Fig brings juiciness to the energetic freshness on top, and adds a mouth-watering quality. Neroli is the ‘sparkling crown’ of the fragrance, adding glistening, petal-y body to the heart. Vetiver gives a scintillating, vibrant sensuality to the base.

Is there any specific/unusual raw material in the fragrance?

It is not so much a story of unusual individual ingredients. Rather, we broke away from conventional codes of perfumery to provide a rare and eclectic combination of refreshing sensuality.

If you had to present this fragrance to a consumer in one sentence what would you say? 

A burst of energy, scintillating woods and provocative sensuality – all in one formula. The bold energy climaxes with a golden sensual tone.