Brunch Like a Star

While it is relatively easy to find a brunch in Dubai, there are select few that leave a positive mark on your memory. We’ve decided to help you out a little, dear Velveteers, and here are this month’s top two we have come across that we felt need to be talked about and, definitely, enjoyed.

Imperium at Zabeel Saray

Fantastic! Imperium is something out of the world of the French Vesailles; it is a beautiful concept that is located, quite unexpectedly, in the Ottoman-themed Zabeel Saray. As we stepped in we could not help but feel like royalty, surrounded by fantastic decor, beautiful live music and a never-ending French-inspired cuisine. It was such an amazing brunch. Admittedly it was quite tiring to look at the wide range of foods as there was a great selection for seafood, French cheese, broiled food, fried food, so on and so forth. The views from the window tables are incredible; we felt like we were literally in a palace thanks to all the atmosphere and the ambiance.Finally, to top off this surreal experience was the polite and very attentive staff, who would gladly help you and have a chat in between. Imperium should be a must-try on everyone’s list.


Suq at Four Seasons

Quite different from Imperium, Suq is a more modern take on a brunch. Set in a wonderful restaurant with grand views of the gorgeous garden and the beach of the Four Seasons resort, Suq offers great food with attentive staff and a very calm atmosphere. While Imperium feels like the royal ball, Suq feels like an upscale modern place for socialising with friends or business partners. Our favourite thing about the Suq experience was the ability to order your pasta the way you’d like it prepared. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to have your own pasta made especially for you as you want it.

by Sinan Derinoğlu